Spfw Winter

This week the biggest fashion event, the Sao Paulo Fashion Week. The event that was anticipated in two months with the participation of just a few of the expected marks, due to problems with the anticipation of the collections for the parade.Follow the news for the autumn and winter of 2013 Ellus:

To kick off the parade, the brand has invested in a pattern that resembled the clothes used by police officers, the official uniforms even. The stronger the Ellus bets for the fall/winter of 2013 are jeans, leathers and modeling in tailoring. To conceptualize and characterize further the proposal, a battalion of models dresses also entered the runway, made the show even more irreverent.

The jackets jeans appeared enough in looks masculine, blended with pants of the same jeans, almost without any wash, very traditional. The same occurred with the leather, which appeared in jackets and parkas, paired with pants of the same material. The suits in shiny fabric, a type of silk gray gave life to the formal looks.

For the female looks a little more color gave life to parts that were also inspired by the police uniforms. Shades of red and yellow appear in jackets, trousers and skirts, combined also with blouses in dark tones with a bit of transparency. In Accessories, gloves and purses wallets to hand match the monochrome looks.

The parade’s soundtrack featured sirens noises and lighting with spots located. The Ellus is one of the leading brands in the sector of Brazil and jeanswear was the one who ended the first day parades of São Paulo Fashion Week.