Speedo With Filling Lux Confort-Swimwear

In the Swimwear category you will find swimwear with filling Lux Confort and without filling, to make your trip to the beach or the pool more enjoyable and fun.

The pieces have natural outcome and are hit with the male audience. Increases by up to 1, 5 cm the natural size of the intimate areas.

Briefs are produced in Beach fabric with spandex. Do not absorb large amounts of water, to avoid the inconvenience of getting to play wet all day. Allows the breathing of the skin.

The Speedo bathing suits with padding is designed to bring to your visual maximum well-being and self-esteem.

Made with molded, the butt and the penis gain volume and is modeled.

Extremely comfortable, the bathroom’s Swimwear made in Beach fabric with spandex, providing greater strength and comfort.

Your filling is super low profile and has excellent stitching. The piece comes with an elastic belt of excellent quality, which ensures high durability of the product.

Your setting is anatomic and owns precast filling (inserted within the mesh), offering greater comfort in movements.

Has natural result and is hit with the male audience. Increases up to 1, 5 cm the natural size of the buttocks.

Can be used at sea, in the pool, waterfalls, among others.

Over Filling

The swimsuit is made with is pre shaped, inserted within the mesh. The anatomical design fits perfectly to the shape of the buttocks and penis. Suitable for all models of body.


With stitching done in straight and galoneira the play gets more reinforcement to increase durability.

The material is resistant to sustain the bulge inserted into the fabric and prevent it lose stability during the natural movements of the body.

The Speedo still filled with a elastic waist of great quality, that starts to unravel and not doesn’t hurt. Bring comfort and great results since the first use.

Filling Types: Rear, front and rear/front

Material: Beach fabric with spandex

Washable and Reusable: Yes


– Do not wash in machine

-Washing up to 40°

-Do not use bleach

-Natural drying in the shade

-Do not twist

– Do not pass the iron

Reference to Sizes:

P size: 38/40 vest

Size M: robe 42/44

G Size: 46/48 vest

Size GG: 50/52 vest

Practice to take on trips. If it accommodates the different compartments of the your suitcase or backpack without damaging your material.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The filling is really natural?

The anatomical adjustment causes the result to be more natural. The bulge already inserted within the mesh brings more firmness and security during the use of the play (the Speedo is fixed on the butt, without leaving the place).

The filling is really natural?

The biggest aim of the piece is to increase the volume of the butt and the penis. There are some men who suffer for having a small volume in the rear and frontal region and that ends up affecting self-esteem and coexistence in society.

Going to the beach or the pool becomes a barrier. The rear filler increases discreetly butt size, improving the self-satisfaction with his own body and getting safer to view the body.

Already the front filling, besides having the same function of filling (in terms of self-esteem), helps to keep the penis of the same size during the organ shrinkage that occurs soon after the departure of the sea or the pool.

The erection is also contained with the use of the bathing suit.

You don’t have to be working on the organ, because the Speedo with filling keeps it in the same place during the whole time of use.

For what it’s intended audience?

Is recommended for all men who do not feel comfortable displaying the body in public.

The public has a more athletic profile. Generally these are people who work out and keep healthy lifestyle habits.

How many cm ncreases the size of the butt?

The Speedo with rear filler increases by up to 1, 5 cm the original size of the buttocks.

Increases penis size how many centimeters?

The front filler increases up to 2 cm the natural size of the penis.

Facts About Swimwear With Filling:

-On average, 80% of users engage in physical activity regularly;

-Most opts for purchase with the goal of winning results in the glutes.

-A small portion acquires filling parts for having gone through some surgical procedure and lost part of the gluteus maximus;

-On average, 15% of the male population has had curiosity or researched briefs with filling;

-80% of consumers prefer to buy their parts over the internet than in physical stores;

-Buy online, because prefer the discretion at the time of purchase;

-3:00 pm every 5 buyers come into fashion blogs and websites to search for the latest trends;

-70% are metrosexual assumed;

-Are belonging to classes B + and have complete undergraduate,

-Padded swimwear are also suitable to mitigate the shrinking of the penis that occurs soon after the departure of the sea or the pool.

The Speedo with padding comes available in 4 different colors (black, white, blue and red), in sizes from P to GG, which meets the most different models of body.