Space Station Gets Web Connection and Astronauts Tweet From Space

An upgrade done this week on the computers of the International Space Station made it possible for all its astronauts can enjoy a web connection during their stays out of the Earth, informs NASA.

The new system went live this Friday and was “opened” officially when the officer TJ Creamer connected to the network and posted a message on his profile on Twitter, the@astro_TJ:

Hello guys! Now we to live tweeting from the international space station, and this is the first tweet from space!) later, send your questions!

Previously, all tweets sent from space were received by e-mail by the control team on Earth and posted in the accounts of the astronauts. Now the new personal Web access, called the Crew Support LAN, uses the pre-existing communication structure between the ground control station and to allow web browsing without intermediaries.

Currently NASA is the government that is more thrilled with Twitter and has approximately 100 profiles of officials, astronauts, departments and special projects.