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By: camillebrion

The manufacturer Montana would like to beat with his eponymous media units equal to two birds with one stone: the Lowboard should serve not only as a pitch for the TV, but at the same time also provide ordinary stereo sound in the living room. Individually all who opt for the shelving system, can put this together in three sizes of several rectangular modules.

Put Together Individually

The slogan is “Made by you” to the program: there are the shelving from 12.6×12.6 cm up to 69.6×69.6 cm, drawers and doors also in various dimensions and types. In general the elements can on pedestals, feet and roll then be mounted or hung on the wall with special fittings. In addition – selectable at the end between 42 colours and countless surfaces when creating his own sound furniture much to so decide for a piece of furniture. Then also the speaker in the appropriate sizes come to the various shelves. This can – according to shelf size and individual elements – both vertically as also horizontally in the shelf stand or lie.

During the extended test in the video editing, we chose the High end version in aluminium-look in large. It provided two speakers as a combination of two ways. In this form, the system costs including boxes and the amplifier unit Montana sound unit (MSU) approximately 5,050 euros.

Set Up And Operate

After the construction of the media unit begin setting up and wiring. The comprehensive system opens up even first-time users quickly. The speakers are connected to the MSU left and right. Then a source as an input for the MSU is connected. Those who opt for a DVD or a Blu-ray player, can connect even a TV directly to the MSU, to give the image to the sound.

Practice: just hide unsightly cables

The operation is intuitive thanks to the clearly structured remote control. The user finds only six buttons, further settings must be selected on the MSU using the steering wheel. Therefore, the remote control is indeed-tidy, but not always comfortable due to the low height.

After the wiring harness not only the current BLOCKBUSTER can be Montana enjoy, but also directly play music. The MSU is equipped withWiFi, AirPlay, DLNA also wirelessly to interact with various devices. The amplifier can be so quickly and easily connect the source setting in the menu. While the MSU can on the shelf horizontally or vertically and are hidden by various covers.

Hearing Test

During the playback of films like total recall and the master of the rings (part 1) convinced the system which looks like “only” a piece of furniture, with tremendous and clear sound. This is not comparable with the sound from the TV.

In our laboratory, the Montana scored also demonstrable results: thelevel course at frequencies of 400 Hz is constant. In the low frequency range, however, is still some air after above. Here easily collapse the level at different frequencies: less than 15 dB more were still possible. In the system settings of bass can be afterwards to maximum of 10 increased dB, which is truly enough when the movie enjoyment.

Buying advice: The best subwoofer

So, Montana at the end creates a homogeneous sound with solid bassthat not too intrusive. We have a little miss in the test run of the stereo system in the Center, because dialogs and front placed noise events sounded often somewhat spatially diffuse without him. First of all, who is sitting directly in front of the TV and this centre before the piece of furniture, is only one side of the audio track.


Design is a matter of taste. The look of the sound furniture you must like and can integrate in the living room. All those who comply with it, get good and above all intelligent hidden sound to the blockbuster with the media units. While there are in the bass range , room for improvement, but with Montana, the customer gets a piece of furniture as well as stereo sound without bulky boxes at the end.

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