Sony’s Xperia Smart Phone Sp Is Almost a Top of The Line

With Android in the latest version, 8 megapixel camera and more powerful processor than the iPhone, Xperia 5 SP is about intermediate

After releasing the Xperia ZQ, and also the Xperia L, it was surprising to see that Sony is betting on a market intermediary with the Xperia SP. The company’s new smart phone brings good quality, but is below the top of the line device Xperia ZQ.

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Still, the Xperia SP brings together advanced qualities that put him above any intermediate smart phone. The SP has good cost benefit, impresses in some items and disappoints in others. Check out the analysis:

In favour:

  • Good quality camera;
    • High battery duration;
    • Good cost benefit.


  • Small domestic Space;
    • No access to the battery;
    • Screen loses accuracy at greater angles.


The Xperia SP has a “face” more fun than your older brother Xperia ZQ, and what else can justify this is the back of the led bar on the bottom of the unit, who arrived with the Xperia models U, P and Xperia Xperia’s 2012 line.

The device has modern, typical of Sony line of smart phones. As well as the ZQ, it is a bar with metal edge, whose front is dominated by the glass screen, while the rear is matte plastic. The model I received for testing is white, but the product can also be found in black.

The width of the unit allows it to be used with only one hand, and your 155 grams weight doesn’t bother. The finish on the back is a little slippery, so you can’t be too careful, and a dust cap is welcome. In fact, he has pretty much the same size as the ZQ.

This part is also the camera (surrounded by a ring of aluminum, which protects the lens against scratches), the flash, an extra microphone and a sound output. On the left side is the unprotected microUSB connection, while the volume buttons, and a unique power for photos are on the side of the smart phone.

Above we have the audio connection and in front the user finds the screen, microphone, sensors, the front-facing camera and a sound output. At the bottom we have a transparent bar LED, which lights up according to the situation.


Since it is not a premium smart phone, Xperia screen SP is a simple TFT, without AMOLED or other technologies. At least, she has the attractive size of 4.6 inches, which appears more comfortable than the 5-inch screens for many people. Still, he has 1,280 x 720 HD resolution pixels, 16 million colors and 319 pixels per inch (ppi).

This is a very sharp and clear screen, with great accuracy, Sony BRAVIA Engine 2 Mobile technology and is made of Gorilla glass Glass. She proved to be extremely sensitive to the touch, and may even lead to selecting wrong options, but it doesn’t look good under sunlight. The screen has low quality viewing angles very open, but the front is perfect for movies, games and books.

Hardware and processing

The Xperia SP is quite powerful, although don’t be among the Giants. Your chipset is a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960T, with 1 CPU, 7GHz Krait with two cores and GPU Adreno 320 (the same as the Xperia Z) with 1 GB of RAM.

We tested the SP with the four main benchmark applications for the system. In AnTuTu, he did 14,898 points (for comparison, the ZQ scored 20,746); in 3DMark (evaluates the processing of games) were 5,663 (Xperia Z tablet made 5,734 points, and ZQ, 5,838).

The Vellamo (evaluates HTML5 and processing) he had 2,460 points in HTML5, faring better than the HTC One X, and 743 in hardware, again better than the HTC device; and finally, in the traditional Quadrant, he arrived at 7,364 points, better than the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet 10.1.

All this means that he is more powerful in processing than, for example, the iPhone 5 and Lumia 920, although these two devices have operating systems that do not require the machine as much as Android requires. Still, your average price makes it a unit cost x benefit to those looking for something of quality, without spending an absurd.

And this is confirmed in our practice tests. We tested the SP with heavy weight game titles, such as “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises” and “Dead Trigger”. In the first, he crashed at the beginning and then it went quickly, something difficult to see on other models. The benchmark application Epic Citadel he had average of 56.7 FPS (compared to 55.4 from ZQ, but with this being tested in Full HD).

When it comes to multitasking, he presented no problems. More than 15 applications connected at the same time made him worry or choke. In the field of internet browsing, the Vellamo showed good numbers. In general the appliance navigation, it proved fast and fluid.

Wireless connections

Wireless connections, the Xperia SP is complete, both with the expected, as Wi-Fi a/b/g/n dual band, Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP and GPS with A-GPS and GLONASS as well as NFC (Near Field Communications), Wi-Fi hotspot, Wi-Fi Direct and DLNA. The NFC allows connection to speakers and TVs, wireless everything. Wired, we have the USB On The Go which allows, for example, the native connection of a control DualShock 3 the smart phone, perfect for games.

It works on up to six bands for 4 g, three by 3 g and is quad band on 2 g. Even be 4 g makes a unit with good cost benefit, just by your average value, leaving it better than the Nexus 4, manufactured in partnership by Google and LG, which only has 3 g connection. The sensors are accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, magnetometer, compass, light, gravity, linear acceleration, rotation and orientation.

Operating system and usability

The Android version is 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, and must receive future updates. Sony has your own interface, the Experience Flow. It is possible to say that Sony has been struggling because every time the interface of your devices is prettier. The letters are small and thin, the icons are full of details. Therefore, it is not a visual to which who can’t see very well go to adapt. Still, the high-definition screen provides all this care in the details.

The menus and settings, the predominant colors are gray, white and light blue (which may change according to themes). In General, the funds are dark and slightly textured, which helps in reading the small print. The most famous services accounts (like Facebook, Evernote, Google and Twitter) are in the settings, as in the standard of Android. The notifications bar has shortcuts for connections and actions, but is much more discreet than the Samsung devices.

The LED Strip is a SideShow and leaves the SP more fun and more beautiful. Besides being useful, as it works as notifier of warnings (when messages arrive, when the battery is low when it is charging or is charged, among others) or when someone is calling (customizable) also acts on, blinking in rhythm when you’re playing a song on the Walkman and the predominant color in the picture when we are on the album.

You can even choose the color of the set of LEDs for each notification, as for SMS, missed call or received, alarm, among others. When there is a message from Facebook, for example, they blink in blue. If you don’t like the LEDs, is just off. And it’s in the settings that you configure also some special functions of the Xperia line, like the MirrorLink, which allows the device to be controlled by some devices via Bluetooth or USB as the automotive sound.

When the internal memory is 75% capacity, the system suggests you to download some things to the memory card. As the system does not allow applications on microSD, it already shows how much space can be gained when you transfer photos, videos and music, just a click to do this automatically.

Other functions include Xperia screen mirroring SP in a TV; the Sony Throw, that allows you to play content from the device in other devices, such as receivers, smart phones, TVs and others. The keyboard is very interesting, because the keys are large and well spaced and support written by sliding your finger along your keys (swipe). The word recognition and Automatic remediation work well.

The Clear Phase automatically adjusts the quality of sound from internal speaker, while the xLOUD intensifies the sound. In the settings for the screen for the “glove Mode” which increases the sensitivity of the screen causing it to recognize the touch even without the finger be glued to the screen, working just a few millimeters from her.

Your phone is beautiful and practical, immediate offering more items used, as speaker, call rejection, among others. Speaking of which, the connection is clear and high, as well as the speaker. The device counts up with equalizer, noise suppression microphone and a system that slows down the caller.


We have all the Google applications, including Chrome, Google + maps, Play Store and YouTube. There is also the basic package provided by Sony, with calendar, alarm and clock, album, calculator, camera, Voice Dialer, contacts, downloads, email, movies, messages, notes, news and weather, and FM radio.

Other special applications make the package more useful: find apps for Backup and restore, for car, NeoReader (reader of QR Codes), OfficeSuite, TrackID (music recognition), Film Studio, Facebook and McAfee Security.

As well as in ZQ, this appliance the Timescape was replaced by Socialife, which functions as message aggregator, with very practical and beautiful interface. Now there’s an interface similar to Facebook. Nothing groundbreaking, but certainly more practical than the previous application.

There is also the PlayNow, Smart Connect (triggers actions according to some tasks, such as connecting headphones or NFC tags), Reader by Sony (reader of eBooks), Sony Select (suggestion), TrackID (recognizes songs), Walkman, Wisepilot is Xperia (GPS Navigator) and the Xperia Link (thetering).

Another nice feature are the “Small Apps”. Similar to what we’ve seen in some Samsung devices, by clicking the button that shows all open applications, a bottom bar offers small applications that are open on top of whatever else is running. We have counter calculator, notes, voice recorder and remote control. Other dozens of Small Apps can be downloaded at Play Store.

The Xperia SP is PlayStation Certified, although it doesn’t come with the PlayStation Store in your memory. This means that Sony offers the appliance the right to run games from Sony made PlayStation quality. However, in practice, that still doesn’t mean much, because there are few titles available.


The camera is one of the highlights of the Xperia SP. has 8 megapixels, less than top of the line appliances, but don’t let the user at hand in terms of quality. Sony boasts your Exmor sensor RS, and I can say that the results were good. Its advanced features like HDR, image stabilization, autofocus, touch focus, face and smile detection (take a picture only when it detects a smile) and geolocation tags.

In tests, the device showed a color acuity and very interesting edges in nocturnal landscapes, especially of cities. Even taking pictures of 23° floor of a building, it was possible to do with good clarity the cars passing on the street. The camera takes very well the brightness of the environment.

The quality is due to the BSI technology on the sensor, which carries out an exchange of elements within the structure of the camera, so that she can get better the light beams. In this way, the camera offers the best performance in night shots, because they absorb more information.

On average there is a minimum of internal light graininess and some color distortion, but took good pictures in daylight, the HDR works fine and gives more intensity in the colors of the picture, although the normal images don’t get owe a lot of that item.

The macro, in General, has good details, just showing the face of 8 megapixels when increased. Digital zoom definitely should not be used, bringing bad result, blurry and pixelated. In the video, which can be captured in Full HD (1080 p), the quality was also acceptable and stabilization, which prevents a little blots for speeding in the movement.

Here we also have unique button for photos, you can take the stand by directly to the camera, if it is held down with the screen off. In the end, I chose the pictures by touch on the screen, you can choose the location of the focus, but the button is useful too.

Are several photo modes: the already known Sweep Panorama (makes good panoramic photos by dragging the smartphone by image), Normal, scenes (9 different) and the Higher Self, which in addition to choose the best settings, also enables the HDR and noise reduction when necessary.

Among the adjustments, you can move the ISO, white balance, exposure, measurement and timer. The camera also dedicated noise-cancelling microphone and the ability to take pictures during the filming. The front camera features only VGA quality, served only for video calls. You can even break the branch in some photos, but will leave a fog effect and visible lack of quality.

Music and media

The headphones that come in the box are white and conventional. Even if it’s not in-ear, are of good quality. The headphones have a good bass and treble and stereo balanced, although they are not very high. With xLOUD technology, obviously you don’t have the quality of a good dock, but he did well on his own, with little distortion and loud volume. There are also FM radio.

For films, he does very well. With HD screen resolution and Technology Mobile Bravia Engine, it is a good Media Center. The colors are vibrant and the sound is suitable for videos. It’s not stereo, but is loud and clear. It plays files in Full HD without stumbling and, to be hooked up to a HD TV, you need to purchase a USB to HDMI adapter cable, since the SP relies on the Protocol in your connection MHL.

Battery and storage

2370 mAh battery just surprising. With an almost five-inch screen and dual core processing, didn’t expect to get with the SP quietly 22 hours of charging, automatic updating of e-mail, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4 g enabled, in addition to perform tasks like streaming music, text chat and video and some games.

In stand-by, with less use, yield increases for two days, figures seen only in simpler devices, with less and less processing screen. The result in both cases is even better when used Stamina mode, a number of features that help you conserve battery power. One of them makes the Wi-Fi connection just stay connected when there is a known network in range. Another keeps the data network switched off while the screen is off.

Already the question concerned storage. For initial tests, I decided to download various games with good graphics, in addition to the usual package of applications. I couldn’t download everything, because it has 8 GB of internal storage. That’s a little and gets even more limited when we found only 5.8 GB available.

You can use memory cards up to 64 GB, which is great for music, movies and other files, but as this version of Android does not allow installing applications on external memory doesn’t help those who like to have a lot of things to try.

What’s in the box

The Xperia SP box has everything you need, although it is briefly simple. In addition to the device, there is a conventional headset (microphone and buttons), manuals, travel charger and USB cable.

Who it’s for

The Xperia SP is a powerful smartphone, without costing the same as a top of the line. Stay well behind the ZQ on processing, but it still doesn’t let the user at hand in any task. Your battery has good durability and the screen has ideal size.

Is the device for those who don’t want to spend too much, but still of design and quality. Your competitor in Brazil is the Nexus 4 and, in terms of visual, surely the Xperia SP does better. His only (and largest) but is in the internal storage, so if you are those who like to play or uses many applications, better rethink the choice.


Sony Xperia SP C5303

Price: R $999
Settings: 4.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels, Android operating system in version 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean), Qualcomm to 1.7 GHz with two cores, 1 GB of RAM, GSM/HSDPA connections/3 g/LTE/4 g, 8 GB of internal memory, 8 megapixel camera with LED flash, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, NFC.
Dimensions: 13 x 6.7 x 1 cm
Weight: 155 grams
Battery life: Until 24 hours stand-by/up to 10 hours of talk time and internet
Items included: appliance manuals, travel charger, headphones and USB cable.

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