Sony Xperia Z Will Support AOSP Directly from Sony

It is not a regular movement between the leading manufacturers, but Sony Mobile has shown for some time that moves with a different strategy, first officially opening the bootloader of your Terminal and then including the Xperia S in the Android Open Source project.

Now is the Sony Xperia Z, new and brand new flagship of the brand, which It will also feature support for Pure Google Android, We see in the Nexus and almost always manufacturers, forgotten although it will do so with certain differences compared to its predecessor.

Sony Mobile is responsible for providing support the Xperia Z AOSP (Android Open Source Project), and this time will directly, not as in the case of the Xperia S where Google was in charge of the development. Thus, we hope that this time work have continuity and come directly to users who want to install Android without customizations, because the again left prematurely without reaching a stable software.

A new movement of Sony to position itself as the manufacturer of the most respectful of the Android interface, because despite already being the brand which introduces a less intrusive personalization, now will also allow the community obtain all the necessary tools to bring original Android Xperia Z, including the device drivers which always tend to put obstacles to the developer community.

Project like this set the example, and Motorola seems to subscribe to the idea that Android stays true to its original development with minor customizations, so We are closer to finally see terminals without customization that are not Nexus.