Sony RX10 III Review

Sony yesterday announced the renewal of its expert bridge. He presented the RX10 III, who realizes the feat to combine a large sensor format 1 inch to zoom both powerful and light.

Just like the famous RX100 series, reference compact cameras, the RX10 series put on a waist unique benefits. Sony pushes the boundaries with the third generation. The zoom actually goes to the equivalent 24-200 mm f / 2.8 constant at 24-600 mm f / 2.4 to 4. The amplitude therefore from 8.3 to 25 times, zooming is three times more powerful, provided it is even brighter at wide angle, and only half as bright telephoto.

The predecessor: Sony RX100 and RX10 IV II: Video 1000 i / s and picture at 15 frames / s with a stacked sensor.

Sony RX10 III is thus able, for example, quietly make spontaneous portraits indoors, from across the room, or photographing wildlife close up.

Sony and Canon supplants, the PowerShot G3 X has no built-in viewfinder and equipped with an equivalent 24-600 mm f / 2.8 to 5.6 two times less light at telephoto.

Without being much more cumbersome than another bridge, the RX10 III is significantly heavier counterpart, since weighs 1095 g in working order.

Canon G3 X: a bridge expert 25x against the current is found also the sensor, electronics and the viewfinder predecessor. The Stacked CMOS sensor size 1 inch 20 million pixel climbs to 14 frames per second and 12,800 ISO natively. He filmed in Ultra HD at 25 or 30 frames / s and in 1136 x 384 pixels to 1000 i / s. At such a rate, is 1 s 40 s if the plan is played at normal speed of 25 frames / s.

According to ehuzhou, the OLED electronic viewfinder of 1024 x 768 pixels (2,359,296 points) and the adjustable LCD are also renewed. The ergonomics have been optimized.

The Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III will go on sale in April for a suggested retail price of 1600 euros. A pretty penny, but to put into perspective with the connoisseur target and with the competition: a DSLR with a telephoto lens is more expensive and more cumbersome.

Economic alternative: Panasonic FZ1000: an expert bridge shooting in Ultra HD