Sony is Hacked Again. This Time, Nothing to Do with PSN.

Japanese Sony must be hoping that this week is out quickly. There were five more days (considering that there are already eleven o’clock in the land of the sun rising) of network-related problems PSN, which was more than 15 days off the air. To complete at least one unimportant site of a company office was committed.

The company security F-Secure detected that a Sony subdomain in Thailand actually takes the user to a page whose goal is very simple: practice phishing. In other words, deceive users to report important data that will later be used by criminals for the most varied (and illegal) purposes.

The staff Next Web auditioned: accessed the and came face to face with the page that you see above. In Italian, asks you to enter your user and password to enter the system. The Google Chrome, smartass only, even alerts the user that the site supposedly tries to common practices phishing.

I, I am brave, I tried to open the same page to check with my own eyes what it is. Unfortunately, the most I got was a message that the account is suspended and or the domain was “used in addition to the account or the reseller ran out of resources.” You must have so many people trying to check another FAIL Sony that the site was closed.

If Sony is working to solve the problem? Good question.