Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S: Camera Supplement Or Replacement?

EISA Prize Winner 2011/2012-A device for all living conditions.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S: Camera Supplement Or Replacement?

So it was so. The nice gentleman from DHL delivered the Cyberport-Päckchen, content: a “pure white” Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC S . Pack on, wow, the shape of the smartphone nestles in the hand. USB cable and adapter out and nothing like sockets. What then followed was something like a revelation. Small and compact was yesterday-color brilliance, multifunction and stylish design are now the measure of things. And the Sony Ericsson has a lot to offer. Exchange ActiveSync®, Google ™ Sync, Sony Ericsson Timescape™, … it’s clear that you’re not just holding a smartphone here, but a true communication and entertainment wonder-a helper in the multimedia world.
The Sony Xperia has a “reality screen with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine” which is to provide crisp, better contrast and vivid colors. Thanks to aGPS, HSPA, WLAN 802.11n, radio and memory slot for micro SD cards up to 32 gigabytes, one has not only a phone but a whole arsenal of devices in a smart phone. With the built-in camera you can create HD videos with 720p or shoot photos with 8.1 megapixels via securitypology. The DLNA certification ensures that the multimedia content can be played back on all DLNA-enabled devices. The design: noble and understatement. But what does the built-in camera do? Is the smartphone an alternative to the compact camera? What does the advertised “resolution” of 8.1 megapixels? Many questions that have interested me and whose result I do not want to withhold.

The smartphone is delivered with Android 2.3.4, is to follow the latest news from Sony an update to Android 4.0 . Everything you need for an unrestricted pleasure is included. This includes headphones, an 8 gigabyte memory card, USB cable and an adapter to power the device at the socket with the USB cable. Only one HDMI cable is missing to bring the smartphone content to a television.

Grandios is the 4.2 inch display. On a diagonal of 10.7 centimeters, it is fun to surf the web, edit e-mails and view photos/videos. The colors are strong but not unnatural. The 1.4 GHz processor also provides for an undisturbed fun factor. A contradiction to my enthusiasm is then however the limit value of the device size (125mmx63mm). The device is of sufficient size for handling, working, and pastime. First problems then arise in the “transport”. Hosentaschen are forbidden, if one does not notice unpleasantly in the public. The bag holds the danger of being unintentionally placed, since the weight of 117g is barely perceived. I am sure that I find a suitable way to deal with the “problem”, because within a short time the smartphone has evoked a self-evident, which I would not want to miss any more. Whether it is e-mails or Facebook, scheduling or a snapshot, route planning or a short game in the doctor’s waiting room, the ARC S has become indispensable within a very short time.

Light and shadow
But we come to the actual test of the camera. With optimal lighting conditions you get optimal photos/videos, which can be recorded with a compact camera. Always pay attention to the position of the light source, as it can lead to unsightly light incidents. The location of the Kameralinse is unfavorable, because I instinctively held the smartphone so that inevitably a finger lay on the lens. This is above all a problem when you zoom, so the motive get closer to get.

Snapshots were also a problem in the dark. The built-in photolight led not only to irritation but also to the motifs. So you should point out the “models” that the first light is only for the purpose of focus and only then the photo is “shot”. One problem was the fact that there is a feeling of eternity between the focus procedure and the actual photo. As a result, moving subjects can move out of the focus range, resulting in a blurred photo in the memory. To speak of a picture noise would be an understatement, for me the photos were not usable.Because of the position of the photolight, “red eyes” are guaranteed, for this, Sony is the “red-eye correction”.

A big plus for me is the speed of the recording. Not a labortest, but the perceived photo readiness is surprising. On the camera symbol “felt” and already can go. The photos then land in a gallery through which one can “durchschupsen” and “reintouchen”. Also the connectivity to Facebook and Picasa (accounts provided) is given.

Another highlight are the different shooting programs Sony has packed into the ARC S.Actually, I am not a friend of such automatons, which determine which settings is the best for the situation. But especially the document photo function and the quality of the “scans” convinced me. Whether you need a business card, a map, a list or a book page in the library, you can quickly and easily digitize the information. The “smile recognition” is also funny.Here, the camera is self-triggered as soon as the face smiles in the focus. Also on board is a “face recognition” but unlike Facebook, the aim is not to recognize the people but means that the focus of the camera is placed on the face.

Less an addition than a must is the image stabilization. Due to the low weight and the thin device (8.7mm), without image stabilization, unwarranted photos are a real challenge.However, one has the “rotation” raus raus one can enjoy beautiful photos. Not to be mentioned is another feature. It is the 3D function, which could not be tested yet (due to missing 3D devices).

Really have blown me off the created videos. Of course not a replacement for a video camera but good enough to hold short video clips and certainly with the best what I’ve seen of “mobile cameras” so far. The decisive factor was not only the quality, but the fact that one has immortalized the moment that would otherwise have been lost. The advantage is clearly the constant availability, because who goes today without mobile phone from the house?

Is the Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC S a replacement for a digital camera? From me a quite clear no, but for the smartphone simply the usability in unfavorable light conditions. But it is a recommended addition, as the complete package fits. Camera for snapshots, video camera for a short clip, navigation via aGPS to get to the appointment, a clear organizer for scheduling and a high entertainment factor. Oh so, one can telephone with the device also. A fact that you almost forget about all the possibilities. The device was also awarded the EISA.