Sneaker Lexicon: Adidas Superstar

in 1986, run D.M.C. provided a love Weis on the sneaker with the song “My Adidas”. In the picture a close-up of Joseph “Run” Simmons and Darryl ‘D.M.C.’ Mc Daniels in New York in the early 1980s.

For this sneaker, the name is program: since its launch in 1969 claimed himself the “Superstar” as a bestseller and is today one of the most famous shoe models of all time. In addition to its classical form and resilience, it was literally ‘great’ men, who once helped the cult sneakers by adidas to the breakthrough.

The year is 1969 and since the all-stars by converse, which were already at that time totally retro, there has been to a sneaker style that would have made it from the basketball court on the road. This gap in the market led to design a model adidas that both would respond technologically and aesthetically the zeitgeist and be equally attractive for professional athletes such as lay people.

Adidas: The “Superstar” of the NBA

It was the world’s first low-top basketball shoe with a full leather exterior, abrasion resistant sole and sturdy rubber cap. The latter brought the superstars also their American nicknamed “shell tops” (in German: Shell caps) a. The NBA’s top players were asked to test the new shoe for training and were so impressed by the comfort, that they began to demonstrate the superstar public appeal in League games. Among them basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Only a few years after the introduction of the low-tops should be borne by 75 percent of all NBA athletes.

Adidas Superstar in the Extension: Basketball Meets Hip Hop

The superstar had already engraved his herringbone sole prints on the chewing gum of urban sidewalks, as was a new subculture preparing to continue the success story. The rap trio run-D.M.C. flushed hip hop in 1983 in the mass consciousness and made a stage suitable for athletic-inspired street-wear. Quantum leaps that would be hard to imagine without today’s music industry.

The First Promotional Deals Between Rappers and Global Corporations

The rapper used a little-known prison aesthetics and wore their shell tops without laces, which fired the hype surrounding the sneakers again preferably. The final love Weis did run D.M.C. their favorite shoes with the song “My Adidas” (1986). Only many years later the artist signed an official sponsorship agreement with adidas in the equivalent of one million US dollars. This was the first major advertising deal between rappers and a world group.

The Hundred Faces of Superstar

In 2005, adidas kicks with a special collection celebrated the 35th anniversary of his hip. Homage to famous musicians such as Ian Brown, were among other models, the red hot chill peppers and of course run D.M.C. represented. Also, artists like Andy Warhol or graffiti writers were acknowledged Lee Qunones own models as well as important international cities. Now is the 45th anniversary of the superstars in the House, we are curious what the sportswear from Herzogenaurach then is imagine.

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