Snacks for Dogs

Who doesn’t like a treat every once in a while? In our case, a candy bar or a snack you can never have too many. This will also work with the dogs, but in their case there are specific products for extra feed give a taste of every day. The snacks for dogs have characteristics, formulations and specific goals. Learn how to identify the best snack for dogs by observing some simple details.

It’s good to remember that in the list of snacks for dogs are not included the remains of lunch, stuffed your son’s wafer or bread crumb. Snacks for dogs include ingredients such as sugar, fat and salt, but in smaller quantities than those found in products for our taste buds, which form a huge evil for canines. In addition, to ensure the quality, snacks must count with the stamp of the sif (Federal inspection service).

There are several reasons to favor the hairy with snacks. It is possible to offer a treat whenever the dog gets a command or behaves correctly; so they distracted and play for some time and also to help in teeth cleaning and prevention of tartar.

In the first case one should opt for snacks with soft texture and pleasant odor. In this way, the dog will do anything to accomplish the activity you run or behave in the best way possible to get that snack with a smell so yummy. The soft texture allows the dog nor need to chew a lot of snack, causing it to concentrate the exercises or expected behavior. The most important thing is to get the dog win the snack, and not simply gets it.

When dogs are home alone for a long time is interesting spread around the House making snacks they have to find them, kind of like a treasure hunt. Such an act was already practised in a similar manner by canine ancestry, and these days that game tasty works as a way for the dog to stand around all day in bed, without exercising. Snacks for dogs also help control the stress and are a great diversion for the dog, contributing even for shoes, table legs and telephone wires are not gnawed.

To assist in cleaning and dental Tartar reduction can be data, including daily, bones, skinny leather and without dye. In addition to bringing health benefits, these snacks are among the favoured by dogs.

Whatever the kind of snack you choose is good not to overindulge at, mainly because the gratuities in the form of food can never replace a balanced diet provided by the feed. In addition, it is extremely important that the snacks are given only after the dogs have already eaten their rations, making them not want to skip the meal and go straight to dessert, so to speak.