Smartphone Addiction: Taiwan Mulls Penalty for Pedestrians

Smartphone users beware: who in Taiwan’s streets in the future staring deep in its Smartphone thoughts and due to its Smartphone other pedestrians or traffic endangered addiction by he makes others, abruptly stops or goes without to look across the street, in future on a juicy penalty can make ready.

The Smartphone is now easily and is no longer out of the everyday. Where you can also see everywhere pedestrians have her phone in hand and mobile to surf the Internet, read their messages or calls it. In traffic and where many people come together, this can be but also quite dangerous: a look on her cell phone with Smartphone addiction and slow down while walking on busy streets just, others run addiction with Smartphone to watch over the road or another, oncoming pedestrians about the pile of doing without. Conclusion should be now in Taiwan, because it discusses about a penalty for pedestrians with Smartphone addiction which can be too distracted by their cell phones. 14 million people in Taiwan use their Smartphone to surf on the Internet. Many of the users in Taiwan to show signs of a Smartphone addiction – — so much so that as a result the number of man-made accidents, where the people through their smartphones were distracted, has increased rapidly.

Politicians in Taiwan now seriously consider to impose a penalty for all those pedestrians with Smartphone addiction which in traffic through your mobile phone too distracted. If they get caught, they will pay a penalty of $ 10-$. Those who look on a screen with the head down are considered a pedestrian steered by the Smartphone — it is no matter, what do the distracted with the Smartphone. However: Taiwan is not the first country that think about it, to criminalise the use of smartphones in the road – several attempts, undertaken in some States of the United States.

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