Smart Watches: News for Athletes

Last week, the Mobile World Congress 2014 took place in Barcelona (Spain), which presented, among several gadgets, several launches in the area of ​​technology vestivel. And in this segment the smart watches were the highlights.Of the new sportswomen’s smartwatches that are on sale or will hit stores this year, the top names announced at the event were the Wellograph and the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit, handsets that promise to make the athlete’s life much easier.

Smart Watches: News for Athletes

The first, produced by Samsung, is a beautiful blend of watch with smart bracelet.Featuring a bold design, the Galaxy Gear Fit has a slim, curved, 1.84-inch vertical screen with a resolution of 432 x128, and has detachable wristbands that come in black, gray, and orange.Focused on those who practice physical activity, the smartwatch is waterproof and also has a heart rate sensor built into its back.

The device weighs only 27 g, supports Bluetooth 4.0 and its battery can last from 2 to 3 days.Compatible with 20 models of the Galaxy line, to make calls or program alarms, Gear fit will be officially launched in 2014, but with no set date.

Another smart watch aimed at athletes on RRRJEWELRY, which is on the list of releases this year, is the Wellograph. With sleek design, it is the junction between smartwatch and exercise bracelet.The device, produced by the American company of the same name, is able to monitor the movement and heartbeats of the user, as well as making reports of activities that bring information such as daily, weekly or monthly movement.

It is also possible to compare the calories burned with exercises or with daily movement, always in well made graphs.All of this data can be shared with friends and consulted in the Wellograph application, available for both IOS and Andorid. The battery capacity of this smartwatch is 240 mAH, and can last up to two weeks by recharging.The official launch of the product will be in the second half of 2014.