Smart Watch Phone Review

It is only recently available Tilt, an interesting concept which shows a rather original and innovative uses of the smart watch Android Wear, and their interaction with Android watch phones. The idea is to capitalize on the one hand (smartphone) the augmented reality, of the other part (smartwatch) the Gyro to produce a kind of remake of the game was for years an icon of HTC, Teeter.

In fact the game is much older; they played many years ago in the arcades and the like, with a wooden floor and a ball to send in the right holes, avoiding those from “game over”. In this Tilt, you use the smartwatch to tilt the floor, but you need to go from your smartphone screen to see actually the game.

All possible thanks to augmented reality: your smartphone delivers the watch, with a special code QR type displayed on the dial, and instead displays the “playing field”, a 3D Maze sensitive to camera tilt and everything else. “Feels real”, in short, accurate in simulating the movement of virtual ball quite acceptable. Unclear? It is easier to see the Smart Watch Phone at the bottom of the Tucsonsmartwatches.

Sure, Tilt won’t beat the record of downloads of Play Store, but it has the advantage of showing what can be done with today’s technology-and a good deal of inventiveness.Unfortunately, the feeling is that augmented reality is able to offer excellent concept that very rarely translate into effective innovations for everyday life, at least in the consumer. But we must not stop trying, right?