Smart Watch Market Still Going to Grow, Research Says

Smart watches have been on the market for some time, however, many believe that they really began to popularize after the release of Apple Watch.Despite this, consumers are still getting used to buying wearable devices, so the number of users will still grow considerably. An IDC survey indicates exactly this future for smart wristwatches and watches.

During the IFA 2015 were revealed various news regarding wearable devices, among the most popular we could see the Samsung Gear S2, Huawei Watch and second generation Moto 360. According to a new study on TIMEDICTIONARY by market research firm IDC, smart watches will become even more popular.

The company expects to ship 76.1 million handsets by the end of the year, much more than the 28.9 million units shipped registered in 2014. The number should increase considerably in the coming years, by 2019 it should reach 173.4 million units Sold.

The number will also help the growth of more powerful devices, by 2018 consumers will no longer buy smart clocks that are not so functional.But this market is also expected to stabilize.

IDC has revealed that growth will reach the four largest smart watch platforms, watchOS, Android Wear, Pebble OS and Tizen. Despite this, Apple Watch should stay ahead in the sales arena, but Android Wear will begin to be more used by manufacturers of wearable devices.Pebble will continue with a smaller market, but with a large fan base.With the announcement of Gear S2, possibly Samsung will win more consumers of the small Tizen system.