Slim Meets Big

This year too, we are increasingly enjoying small watch straps, which are worn in combination with larger watch cases. This mating may seem a bit odd at first sight, but the wrist looks quite different. It is always not so that we always need totally new trends to satisfy our fashion starvation. Often it is also that we bite ourselves on a thing a little bit and do not even want to imagine that a fondly accepted trend is nevertheless farewell and we may have to separate from some favorite items. But, on the other hand, I am not necessarily the advocate of a strictly modedictate and I think that everyone should wear what he likes and likes. But still, trends are a fine thing and offer you a lot of inspiration for everyday life and leisure.

A trend will accompany us this year, too, while large housings are combined with narrow watch straps. Especially the trend brands such as Michael Kor s and Fossil have taken on this design and a few really nice timepieces have come out. Esprit also floats on the wave and blends us with beautiful specimens in various designs in the form of collections called Melanie and Lynn. The advantage of these watches is that they can be worn with both narrow and wider wrist joints. The effect always varies a bit. I am definitely looking forward to presenting my new watches as soon as possible to my surroundings and I am curious about what this year still holds in such trends.