Skype Lite Is Lighter, Uses Less Data and Is Much Better Than The Official Application

By: camillebrion

What to do with your application when over the years has become in a? devouring monster of memory, resources and data? Fix it and improve? No, create a version Lite of the same, as Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, Shazzam Lite or YouTube Go. Now it’s up to Skype.

Skype Lite is a special version of Skype released for use in India. It is available on Google Play, although blocked in any other country. However, you can download the APK and install it without any problems on any phone with Android Ice Cream Sandwich or higher. And perhaps you should, because is very good.

So, Yes

As a very sporadic user of Skype never has made me too much illusion having to dedicate more than 100 MB of space to the official application, that rarely open without being in error. And when that happens, usually loose some expletives as I see it to start slowly.

The official version of Skype for Android isn’t all bad, but it has many problems beyond its heaviness. Connectivity is unstable, and you never know for certain if you are connected or not, sometimes notifications do not arrive or arrive late and it is quite heavier than e.g. WhatsApp or Telegram.

The solution that Microsoft has found this time has been to start from scratch. The experiment was known at the end of last year as Skype Mingo and it has now been renamed to Skype Lite: a lightweight version of Skype with a lower consumption data and support for SMS.

In Skype Lite you can have text conversations, do calls and video calls and receive and respond to SMS messages, all from the same application. So the application is opened it is necessary to give permission to read the SMS messages, although it is optional to become your default SMS application Skype Lite.

The main advantage is that Skype Lite does all these tasks, trying to use the least amount of data possible. There are several settings related to their options on the reduced use of data and the compression of images, as well as a chart clearly visible to summarizing you the consumption.

To be an application “Lite”, the aspect of the application is quite nice and even account with a dark theme. Really, unless you use Skype intensively, once to try Skype Lite it will cost you find things from the official version that you throw in lack. For my part, this Lite version, for India or not, is all I need.

Skype Lite1.0.0.27498-release

  • Version of Android: from 4.0.3
  • Developer: Skype
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Communication

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