Skype Launches Service That Makes International Numbers in Places

The technology behind Skype allows them to transmit voice and video over the internet with relatively low cost, thus offering an alternative often cheaper than many telecoms. And when you thought they could not do anything else, Skype goes there and magically develops another service that has the potential to infuriate operators telephony around the world. And he calls Skype To Go.

This service allows you to turn international numbers at Skype’s local numbers for you to pay even less for calls abroad. If, for example, you live in Greece and have an uncle who lives in the US, just pick up the number of your uncle and register it in the service that Skype will automatically generate a local number with area code in which you live in Greece. So you can call your American relative your cell or landline phone and paying much less.

To configure it, you first need to switch to any country supported by Skype To Go. Brazil, for now, is not one of them. But the list are Australia, Canada, Greece and 17 other lucky countries. There are few for now, but as the service creates a new number for each inserted international phone, it may be that the telephone system of some countries are not ready to create as many numbers or maybe there is a huge bureaucracy before they are created. I believe the latter is where Brazil fits.

Still, if you live in one of the 20 countries listed here, press the button ‘Give it a Try’ and sign an international number one stop who you really care. And do not know Skype. And no internet.