Signature Todd Snyder Offers Us What to Wear Fall-Winter 2011 / 2012

By: camillebrion

We knew that fashion took a fast-paced, but find me this see collections for winter coming unless this finished the summum of the speed. However, having a mindset still winter, makes us see with good eyes these collections probably only looking to extend the winter shopping.

Reflections apart, Todd Snyder He has already published the contents of his collection Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 loaded with many essential that we carry throughout the winter from Mensencia repeating. The Bordeaux color or earthy tones are main as a safe bet by the firm for the next winter.

I like very much the shirts without sleeves that proposes the signing, especially this combined with blue shirt Brown. What calls not so much my attention are the pants that, despite follow the military that has both filled us this winter ending, do not convince me at all combined with shirt and sleeveless jersey (in fact I am not convinced with no combination, is step).

Also you have seen many shelters, almost all of them are quite simple and elegant, though not for this less good. Black has held the role for these garments, which are combined with large scarves in an attempt to keep the trends that we have had these months. It sometimes seems that we repeat concepts season after season without realizing, but so is this.

The hair of the model, which could well be in the top 10 of our proposals for male hair deserves special mention. Neither shaved nor Isolee, Todd Snyder for the gel is made with the decontrol of hair creating casual and high ridges which combine very well with just elegance of its proposals. A 10 for the election.

For those who do not want black or when the cold makes their havoc, maybe the idea of taking white jersey may be good (to me I loved). Detail of shirt that comes below the jersey ends up the whole significance, composed of dark clamp trousers and brown shoes (seems that do not combine brown shoes with black clothes is a bias by signing).

More than white is in Clip pants, well coat despite the cold and combined with black shoes. The trench that the model I liked especially, and sees that not is too sheltered, which can solve many problems posed by halftime.

Finally, I would also note tones Earth with that signature filled cardigans and boots, combining them with white trousers to create a very interesting effect.

In the gallery you have these and the rest of images which make up the collection. Do you think of the proposal?

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