Sharp No Jokes, Prepares a 4K at 5.5 Inch Screen

We call it UHD, 4 K, or whatever that brands want to publicize it, it is a reality that the resolutions do not stop growing in this mobile devices. Whether we like it more or less, each day there are more phones that are running up to incredible resolutions until two days ago, and that many costs we understand the improvements, at least in the kinds of experiences we have today with our phones.

The next to be mounted in the history of the 4K is Sharp, just submit a panel of 5.5 inch. Not only it is an outrage that the pixel density is going to 806ppp, but it will feature the latest technology of the Japanese House, IGZO panels.

We speak of 3.840 x 2.160 pixels in 5.5 inch -a not very large-, we remind you that a Samsung Galaxy S6 is in 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. The panel will enter into production in 2016, so we will have to wait for the coming year for a phone that dare with him.

As advantages, so that We reproduce native 4 K resolution, and as a side effect, the phone will be ready to be a good source of content for the screen for the living room. Is also assessed as positive the ascent of resolution when it comes to put it in virtual reality helmets.

But for now, we don’t have too much problem to enjoy from good display with Full HD Panel, mainly they are friendlier with chipsets and batteries that are on the market.