Shaped Pizza Bread

I can not say that this form-bread pizza is exactly a recipe, but it’s a good tip for those days of laziness or late night snacks.As my mother says, it’s a breaker, a starving … rs

I would not even put it here on the blog, but as I know you like a super easy tip, I found it worth registering here and hope you like it!

I did it using a half-tinned niece of ready-to-go sauce and the cold ones I had in the fridge, but you can use that bit of Sunday sauce that is also mara.In fact, even a bolognese sauce with cheese on top will be a delight.If you want, you can remove the peel of the bread that is even more delicious, but since this does not bother me, I prefer not to remove, so there is no waste.

But if you want a more elaborate pizza, take a look at this link I have several options, including a blender version that is easy to make!

Shaped Pizza Bread

• Shape bread
• Tomato Sauce
• Ham
• Cheese
• Oregano, basil and other herbs to taste

Suggestions: tomato, onion, boiled eggs, olives, turkey breast.

Arrange the slices of bread over a shape lightly greased with olive oil.
Drizzle with tomato sauce, but do not overdo it.
Cover with ham, followed by muzzarela and tomato.
Finish with oregano to taste and take to the preheated high oven for about 10 to 15 minutes or until the cheese melts (I preheated the oven by the time the pizza was set up, it was less than 10 minutes).

If you make an individual portion, you can prepare it in a frying pan with lid, but you must control and follow the fire flame so as not to burn the bread without melting the cheese via