Selection of T-shirts from the Hour of Chico Rei

We talk a lot around here about your own style and dress up stamp your personality on the chest, even, without fear of being as natural as possible.

This means, often, keep a watchful eye on the news that the Chico Rei launches constantly, so that you can, above all, vary your taste in fashion.

However, we know it’s difficult to navigate through our site, without running the risk of letting pass a printed t-shirt that has everything to do with you.

So, we select, for today’s post, a list with 8 t-shirts time of Chico Rei!

Take a peek, us, and already anticipate the call: If we leave out some time shirt that is already part of your collection, share with us in the comments field of this post!

T-Shirts Of The Hour, Minute And Even Seconds.

1-Animal T-Shirts

It is not today that animals are prone to fashion – and, sure, we’re a long way from creating combinations with the cute and beautiful in nature.

Thus, it is safe to say that you’ll get a lot from that match to check the animal T-shirts of Chico Rei!

The best is that in addition to creative prints, you will also find simple inspirations ranging from mild strokes to subjective ideas, such as, for example, our Feathers T-shirt, ideal for those who do not waive your freedom like a bird.

2-t-shirt of the years 80, 90 and 2000

Generation X, Y, Z, Coca-cola… Choose which you most identifies.

Yes, here you will find a series of models for each of the generations more interconnected and connected of all time!

So, how about taking a peek in the 3 sections and add, in the shopping cart, one for each decade of trials and sets that you issue.

Meet the shirts Chico Rei of the Years 80, 90 Years and the Years 2000!

3-skulls t-shirt

Another symbol that has been widely welcomed by the pop culture: the skulls t-shirts.

And, in Chico Rei, the modeling of time t-shirts is wide, extensive, varied, full of style!

Doubt it? Our eternal muso David Bowie is there to show that attitude, rock and fashion are all on our Bowie T-shirt Skull.

Even left for the Stormtroopers of Star Wars Saga, with our Stormtrooper T-shirt, and Mexican culture, rich in color and vivacity to give skulls.

How about checking out the Xantolo t-shirt?


Samba no pé, soccer kid, art with the ball. There are so many euphemisms for the football, in Brazil, left even creativity beyond the four lines of the field – or the Court.

Thus, the Chico Rei came up with a unique collection of football shirts.

Best of all, inclusive, are in your range, which is not limited to the eternal round, but oval persecuted, too.

In the case of our version of the traditional brazilian football, as with the Roosters T-shirt! Heading to the Super Bowl.


The geek universe, just like the universe we live in is constantly expanding.

Nothing more fair, therefore, to create a series of t-shirts garment of time about one of the subjects favoured by geeks: the games.

I’ve taken a look at our collection of T-shirts to Games?

In it, there’s a bunch of templates that rescue the games classics such as Super Mario, Zelda and Top Gear, but without forgetting the modern classics, like Red Dead and even Pokemón!

Including, you already know that these are not the only t-shirt prints of the time we have, right?

This was just a first chapter that can be extended by you, daily. To do this, simply access the site of Chico Rei and subscribe to our newsletter!

That way, you don’t lose anything new – and we have many-hour t-shirt to ensure more style to your day to day and even more personality to your favorite fashion!