Security Cameras in the Communities of Owners

Communities of owners security cameras are becoming more frequent to see. They are already today an indispensable element to maintain minimum levels of safety on the farm.

The basic elements that make up a kit for a community would be the following:

  • indoor or outdoor with infrared cameras.
  • IP VCR
  • bunker of security to safeguard the IP VCR inside.
  • uninterruptible power supply UPS System.
  • display monitor.

From here, we can customize quite the type of camera and recorder, with aspects such as:

  • type of Optics (wide or narrow aisles)
  • type of camera, format Mini dome (more aesthetic) or tubular (more intimidating)
  • distance to the infrared range.
  • number of cameras that will support the video recorder (4,8,16,32..camaras)
  • the VCR technology (IP, HDCVI…)
  • the hard disk capacity (depending on the number of cameras and desired storage days)

On the other hand, will have to comply with the law of protection of data of a personal nature. That is, not only put up the sign informing of installing a system of video surveillance, but also to give high installation before to Spanish Agency of protection of data (AEPD) installation, as well as the drafting of a security document.
About the control of the correct operation of device recorder or from cameras, it is necessary to have a display device. Why do we say this?
In many communities the VCR and cameras without monitor is placed, having a neighbor (images Manager) to connect a laptop or a monitor for the occasion where there has been an incident. As well, if not to hire any equipment maintenance, can pass that a camera power supply is damaged, or the video recorder (on tension, etc.). In this case we can lose either all recordings or a camera in particular. You have a connected monitor and periodically review the images to prevent us some scare.

If you are interested in the installation of security cameras in the communities of owners of its fiinca, we have specific equipment for these tasks, including equipment with specific promotions here. We also have systems of surveillance for elevators and integration of video intercom with video surveillance.