Sandalia Salto Bloco:30 Amazing Looks!

Modern, comfortable, stable, chic … there are several adjectives to define one of the strongest trends of women’s shoes, the sandal jump block. It is side by side with the strength of the gladiator, who has been here for some time and still has to stay a few months for you to enjoy the composition. How to use? We have some cool tips to follow.

Looks with heels

Sandal jump block with dress

Sandal and dress are a basic combination for day to day or for evening events and this type of sandal falls well with both types of events.The piece to determine if the look is basic or social is your dress, whether thin or glossy or basic and with thicker fabrics.And with both types just choose the right sandal.

One of the simplest ways to combine is to wear a sandal-printed dress. Because? Just choose one of the colors present in the print and you get the perfect combination effortlessly. The flowers are the easiest because they allow more than five colors of different sandals, with the same color in the bag or not, is at your discretion.

A sandal color completely different from your look. Why not? Fashion is well alternative and wearing prominent elements on the feet are super trend. The color of your sandal jump block does not appear at any point in the look and this is the cool of the modern look for day to day.

And with a monochrome dress? It can be a tone-on-tone footwear or a highlight color, especially if the dress is of a dark color. In looks for the day preference for lighter colors in her sandal to highlight more.

Sandal jump block with pants

The long pants already make so much of the feminine look that there is no impossible combination for her or unused, and this goes for your block heel as well.One of the most basic visuals is with jeans, and already with this piece you have a multitude of combinations.Dressed in a cotton t-shirt and ready to go to the mall or movie theater with her friends.Want a look for work?Put on a small suit, T-shirt with front buttons and can go for the working look.

Nowadays it is rare for someone to combine sandal or belt with sandal, but it can be easily.In doubt invest in sandal heel black block that matches any color of purse, belt or accessory used.And pay attention to the amount of detail in the shoes, especially if you have stones or strips.Many details ask for a more discreet look, perhaps without prints for your footwear to have due prominence and not fight for attention with the other pieces.

One of the most common doubts is about the length. What is the ideal length of a pair of sandals and a block heel sandal ? Unless it is purposeful, the ideal is not to drag on the floor and create a basic and elegant look. A cool tip is to always leave the piece in the middle of the instep, nor does it drag and avoid the risk of stepping on you and is not too short to show your ankle when sitting.

Sandal jump block with skirt

Combining skirt and sandal is simpler than it looks.It can be a contrasting color such as basic black look with beige sandal or tone over tone, such as skirt and brown blouse and beige sandal.What is not worth is to stop using!

Sandal jump block and short

A more stripped-down look for informal evening events or day trips, being able to go to a party with friends with no problems.Special attention to the use of prints to avoid creating a uniform look too, is not fashionable.Wear neutral shoes with colorful sweaters and you will never go wrong.

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