Samsung MiCoach with Vodafone

Although there are more mobile phones that integrate functions of personal training, there are not many sports netamentes, such terminals Samsung miCoach with the seal of Adidas aims to become a gadget in the style of the Nike + iPod.

The phone itself is quite simple, is a quad-band 3 g, with 2 inch display, 262,144 colors and 176 x 220 pixels, 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and USB 2.0 camera. The best is the internal memory of 1GB, to carry full of music in the batches of training.

Not the real protagonist is the built-in personal coach, the system miCoach It consists of a pedometer that conforms to the shoes and records steps, rhythm and speed to be sent to the phone, and a heart rate monitor that does the same thing with keystrokes, sends them to the mobile phone that tells us to keep within the ideal heart rate range, obviously the two sensors are of Adidas. Data can be uploaded to the poral miCoach, to have them always under control to the pure style 2.0.

The mobile design is compact and resistant, with surfaces in rubber to make its management more comfortable while we practice sport. The weight, which is important on a device of this type is 81 grams. To see it more closely I remember the video of our colleagues from Engadget, that recently had the chance to try it.

It can be contracted exclusively with Vodafone, in the options of portability and migration from 129 euros, and from 169 to new high, it also includes a discount of up to 20 euros for the purchase of shoes Adidas Supernova.