Samsung L870 with S60

Recent days have seen more closely the L-series of Samsung, a range of performance medium, between the many of the Korean manufacturer. We began with the complier Samsung L810 to then pass to the simple Samsung L170, today we focus on the Samsung L870, the top terminal of this family that has just appeared in the Online Shop of Vodafone.

The L870 It has the classic “shielded” style of Samsung, with stainless steel housing which highlights its 2.4 inch screen, occupying almost all of the front. The thickness is still enough content, 13.5 mm is a fairly acceptable measure for a smartphone, and much more than its 120 grams of weight.

Because we had not said it yet, the L870 It is a smartphone that comes with the operating system Symbian S60, with what make sure we us work with files of Microsoft Office or PDF, in addition to push email with Outlook and all the programs that exist for the system of Nokia.

In technical terms, the only downside is that you there’s WiFi, It is clear that in the case of a media series we weren’t going to find very advanced features, but since you have decided to integrate S60 We would have been able to wring more with WiFi, and would have been the perfect complement to your camera of 3 megapixels, connectivity HSDPA 3.6 Mbps and its 100 MB of internal memory expandable up to 4 GB with microSD cards.

We find it from zero euros for portability and high new Enterprise contract with Vodafone. In short, an option to take into account if we are looking for a performance socks with S60 phone, but the lack of WiFi make indispensable associate it with a rate data flat.