Samsung Is Working on a New Version of the Touch Wiz API-based Vulkan

According to what emerged from the Samsung Developer Conference 2016, since April 27 to 28, the South Korean company is working on a new version of its Touch Wiz interface.

The main novelty of this experimental version covers the bases on which it is based, that is the new API Vulkan, heirs of existing OpenGL and supported in full by new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, besides being been incorporated natively on the next major release of the operating system Google Android N.

Currently the new launcher is still in experimental stage, however it was already possible to record a 6% reduction in consumption in some simple operations like page navigation and opening the drawer of applications. All this, when compared to a terminal with a battery 3600 mAh as S7 Edge, translates, according to Samsung, in about 40 minutes extra usage, all thanks to the best energy performance allowed by BEES Vulkan.

Of course, for now, there are no details regarding the official publication of the new version of Touch Wiz Vulkan-based, since the one shown is only a version on which Samsung is still working deeply in order to integrate all the functions currently present in its interface.

If we speculate, it may be probable his release on the occasion of the presentation of the next Notes 6 or, directly, with the next generation of top of the line. We are waiting to find out what other benefits might lead the abandonment of GL ES in favor of Vulkan.