Samsung Galaxy Tab Not Is The Tablet That We Want, But It Sells Well

When Samsung announced its Galaxy Tab, many think “ well, finally a tablet based on Android ”. But as soon as I saw the specifications I had it clear, this is not the tablet that we want. Too big to be a phone, too small to be a tablet. Too expensive for a fad. With less resolution of it appealing. For me there is just a first step in the right direction.

Samsung had sold 10 million units, an excess of optimism in every rule. However, the million sales in its first month of life, and the 2 million which has been already accumulated in these three months, they are well above what I expected. My conclusion is that there are market, there is interest, so that for many the advantages have overcome their deficiencies.

This pace of sales may suffer a significant hiatus, since competition has almost done its new Honeycomb tablets. The own Samsung has ready the substitute for the Galaxy Tab, He will meet at the Mobile World Congress almost in complete safety.

The sales figures are light years from the iPad, of course. They were 7.3 million between October and December. But although the iPad is not the tablet I want (Jobs, friend, sure that there was no place for a miserable USB port?), is closer to what I need. Among other things, it has the ideal size for everyday use which would give to a device of this type.

Although the substitute for the Galaxy Tab is a meet at the Mobile World Congress, with a brain with the dual-core of the NVIDIA Tegra 2, It will take to reach the market. Even before that, we will see get variants of the Galaxy Tab connectivity “ only WiFi ” and another with LTE.