Samsung Galaxy S8

By: camillebrion

Known for producing various accessories for its top-of-the-line handsets, Samsung should repeat the story with the Galaxy S8.

According to sources consulted by the site BridgAt, the manufacturer already prepares optional products ranging from a dock for the reproduction of multimedia content to a wide variety of phone protection covers.

Many of the options should be similar to those available for the Galaxy S7, including Clear View, View and S View protections, as well as protection with a built-in keyboard. However, not everything should remain the same: the new backpack case should have its capacity reduced from 3,100 mAh to 2,600 in the new generation of the smartphone Galaxy S8 by Samsung.

The novelties are due to a new protection “stitched with alcantara”, a synthetic material with properties that resemble leather-the advantage in this case is the resistance to stains and durability of the material. The original forecast was that the accessories, as well as the new device, were officially announced by Samsung in February next year during the Mobile World Congress 2017. However, there are rumors speculating that the smartphone Galaxy S8 from Samsung will be postponed until April.

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