Samsung Galaxy S6: 16MP-Kamera Sony Is Set

So the sign can change soon: it appears quite credible rumors to a galaxy of S6 camera on basis of a specially developed 20 MP sensor came up in the first half of February, now have very different looks. As SamMobile want to know now, but a 16 Megapixel sensor should be installed in the new top Smartphone of the South Koreans.

In detail is not according to the report on the camera of the Galaxy S6 also a sensor from Samsung, but one from Sony. The component with the name IMX240 is also no new development, but was already used by Samsung in an other Smartphone: in the models equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor the Samsung Galaxy touch 4.

Samsung Galaxy S6 16MP-Kamera Sony Is Set

Galaxy S6 Camera Still Better Than In The Grade 4?

Even if the new top smartphone from Samsung is not yet on the market, so the Korean effort to apply the capabilities of the included camera in recent weeks have been from. So, the Galaxy S6 should have the smartest camera at all and are also apparently characterised by special photographic skills in low light conditions.

It seems that Samsung has still an ACE in the sleeve, which is still a bit to make better the camera of the Galaxy S6. As the sensor in the Galaxy note 4 is clearly identical with the in the new smartphone, the optimizations are likely to relate to the other camera components, and probably also the software. We are looking forward as well really the camera in the Galaxy S6 will be and whether the often spoken 20 MP sensor from the own workshops from Samsung then perhaps exclusively installed S edge in the Galaxy will be as well. A summary of all circulating information and rumors can be found in our overview of rumors to the Galaxy S6.