Rustic Menu Cards and Table Decorations

decoration. Some things are naturally defined by the location and probably to be individualized by the very few couples: plates, glasses & napkins. There actually take most brides and grooms, what has the location spot and decides maybe, like the napkin is folded to 🙂

It will be exciting then the floral and the menu cards, because here so now again clearly the handwriting of the bride and groom to be seen and to identify a uniform design in the stationery and gardening as well as the whole wedding. Once to show you how easy you can make a nice wedding table and that this not super must consume much of your wedding budget, have we time today a wedding registry for you designed!

We opted for this slightly more rustic version, which would blend beautifully with a cottage wedding in the Alps or a rustic barn wedding. So we have styled the table then also – according to the motto “Send hut wedding in the Alps” (in the hope of ever to be invited to such a:-D).Gypsofilia seeds, bright napkins, a rustic wooden table but classic chic plates and wine glasses.White as a guest gift wedding almonds and the whole thing is then decorated with mintgrünem Ribbon.

We ordered the menu at “my cards factory”, a colleague of Friederike has ordered itsHochzeitspapeterie there and had recommended at the time us. The gypsofilia seeds is a comparatively cheap flower and is still super pretty and also the guest gift is quickly and easily done without devour vast sums of money on budget… (As well as Frederica’s original plan to pack at that time three Macarons for every guest… UM Yes, Nice was nix it ;-))

And what do you think of our table design?

It was fun really us, to decorate again beautiful cards and flowers. Makes you too rarely much somehow. And so the cloth napkins were used at least once again. 😉