Run at Night? Yes. Run Safe? Also.

Not many of us have no choice to go running at night, either because the days are shorter now, for reasons of work, busy agendas, or simply because we enjoy a quieter environment, without so many noises and distractions. There are many advantages of running at night:

The city is calmer, without much traffic, so there are not so many noises and the air is cleaner. It is a unique feeling to enjoy streets and empty parks.

Losing visibility emphasized the rest of senses such as smell or hearing and increases our concentration. Many people are more aware of your breath and the rhythm of the feet. Also have less visual field, it invades us fear, which causes an increase in adrenaline, which without realizing, can influence the speed in our training.

At the last minute the muscles are more flexible, the body is active and responding before first thing in the morning.

Running at night reduces stress after a hard day of work, since after a session of exercise moderately, the body secretes endorphins (the famous “hormone of happiness”). That Yes, seeks to end your training from two to three hours before you go to bed so that endorphins and other stimulating substances produced by the body does not interfere with your sleep.

Of course, it also has its drawbacks, as already mentioned above lack of visibility or your own safety. The first rule and it is more important to avoid mishaps see and be seen. If you prefer to venture out by little lighted roads, remember to take with you a front or a gorra-linterna as the Kalenji and get your strides short and safe.

To make you visible to other pedestrians, even going along well-lit paths, opts for reflective in places strategic materials (in sweatshirts, tights, shoes…). The textile range of Kalenji by Night includes elements from the optical technology of the glass microballs retroreflective. A corridor lighted by headlights of a car will be visible from the 120 meters away.It opts for t-shirts and vests with warm weather and wind with more cold weather garments.

As for Accessories, the range of Dickies and reflective armbands are useful to be fully visible. Likewise, in the places where lighting is practically zero, a red light will increase our visibility significantly. Finally, if the weather is cold, do not hesitate to hats and reflective gloves.

Choose a route that you be familiar and notifies someone. Whenever possible, join a group. It runs whenever you can by flat terrain and if possible by the shoulder of the opposite rail, to see the cars in front. In the complicated intersections passes behind cars, if a semaphore is opened you will have reaction time. To train night and return home healthy and except, in addition we give the following advice:

Ve always identified (ID, badges, wristbands or gloves at, your name and blood group on the tongue of the shoe…) and take with you a cell phone.

Turn off the music. If you can not, runs with a single handset, in order to be aware of what is happening to your around.

Caps not only protect from the Sun. They also make it from glare of the lights of the cars. This way you won’t have to cover your face, only with head will suffice.

Keep in mind that the evening falls the temperature, cover your body with thermal clothing, more even now in winter. Our colleague David Vallverdú gives you some guidelines in the following article to combat the cold.

Lorena Hernandez
Seller of Running in Decathlon Vitoria-Gasteiz