Review Of Indy 3/4 Tent, Nautika

The Indy 3/Tent 4 people, Nautika (NTK) is a classic model, which has been on the market for many years. Is a very interesting model, useful and cost-effective.
This review is a tent old model (it was done in 2014). The

Attention! This review is a tent old model (2014). In 2015 thistemplate was updated was renamed Indy GT in new version the size 3/4 people has two entries in avancê (front and side). In addition the rods are now in nano-fiber and the column of water is with 2,500 mm. This information is of own Nautika.


Structure: Indy has the tent Igloo format, with full sobreteto and a huge avancê, which is the main your differential. Has your tent structure formed by three rods, two of them form the room, in a simple structure, only crossing in the middle and the third rod is used to maintain the sobreteto armed at the front.

The room of the tent is self-supporting, that is, you can keep your structure without the need for espeques, the avancê ‘s need necessarily attach the sobreteto to the ground, so that it is properly armed.

Size: The tent room has 1.95 m long, 2 m wide and 1.20 m high. In addition this model features a avancê with approximately 1.35 m long.

With this size the Indy accommodates three people comfortably and some space left inside the room or accommodates 4 people without spare space within the room.

This size makes it an ideal tent to be used by a couple who want to go camping for a long time, with comfort and extra space inside the tent. Is well indicated also for couples with young son, to camping structured (and you don’t want a mega structure of tents with fourths). The avancê creates an external area great for storing some extra equipment.

This tent has templates for 4/5 and 5/6 people.

Resistance: The tent has 1,200 mm of water column which is enough to resist the normal rainfall or even stronger. Sobreteto seams are sealed.

The floor of the tent is in polyethylene, which is a type of highly resistant canvas.

Weight: The tent weighs 4 kg. Therefore, even by your size, she’s not a tent ideal for treks. Is a tent suitable for camping and structured sites that you can reach by car.

Volume: the packaging is compact enough for the size of the tent. She has about 20 x 20 x 80 cm, that is, it is quite long and narrow. The packaging has to handle loading and zipper on the horizontal, which makes time to keep the tent. If well folded the tent fits easily in your original packaging.


Room: The room is simple, on the top, on the sides and on the back is in mosquito netting, fabric to make the vent. In the highest part of the ceiling, there is a ringlet on which you can hang any object.

The bedroom door: The door is “U” shaped with two zippers, so that it is possible to close the tent with padlock. At the top of the door the fabric can be opened, remaining only the mosquito net closed.

Avancê: As we talked about before the avancê is the difference of this model, especially because he was quite large and capable of storing some stuff as cooler, stove, Cookware, etc.

The avancê has a ground (canvas) separated that may or may not be used, depending on what you want to put it that way. If you use place carefully and fixing to the ground so that this canvas not stay out of the tent, so that in case of rain and water doesn’t drain inside your avancê flooding.

The avancê has a skirt (fabric that “most”, as if it were a border that remains of sobreteto), which can help prevent animals entering this space, or that the rain wet the floor or, in Sandy floors you can bury that part closing avancê better and keeping him more isolated.

Diagonal sides he has two areas in transparent plastic, which allows to observe out of the tent, a useful functionality to be able to monitor the movements outside the tent.

Espeques: It comes with 16 espeques 18 cm steel. All are used in assembling the tent, no extra espeques.

Rods: There are three sets of Rails in fiberglass, the two largest are used to the structure of the room, and the smallest is used to keep the armed avancê.

Binders: This template comes with 5 poles, one on each side, one on the back and two on the front.

These two are of mandatory use front since it is they who keep the armed avancê.On the sides and at the rear, you may or may not use, however, due to the fact that tent to have a larger structure, they are essential to provide a good stability in the event of winds and rain. Especially in this model we recommend to use always binders! Confers below the video that shows the importance of using them in a situation of wind:

Pockets: There are 2 pockets on the inside of the room, one on the side and one in the back.

Ventilation Windows: The Indy has three Windows, one on each side and one on the back. Are small, but capable of generating a minimum of air circulation to increase circulation we suggest keeping the door open avancê and also the top of the door of the room only with mosquito net.

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Product data and technical information

Price: from R$320,00-440.00
Brand: Nautika
Origin: imported
Capacity: 3/4 People
Length: 1.95 m
Width: 2 metres
Room height: 1.20 m
Avancê length: 1.35 m
Weight: 4 kg
Packing size: 16 X 16 X 60 cm
Seams: Thermo-welded and Sealed UV protection in sobreteto
Water column: 1.2000 mm
Sobreteto material: 190T polyester
Material: 190T polyester and mosquito net (no-see-a)
Floor Material: polyethylene (plastic), high density and anti-fungus
Espeques: 16 units in 18 cm steel
Rails: 3 composite fiberglass sets Flex-Max, connected by elastic
Stretchers: 5 strings