Residential Lighting with LED

Residential lighting has advanced considerably in recent years-especially with the arrival of the led-no longer a single element to improve our visual perception of the environment to become a great ally in the valorization of rooms of the House, thus influencing not only our visual comfort, but even our State of mind.

This is so true that the search for professional experts in this area, the so-called Lighting Designer, grows dramatically. The function of this professional is to create projects to adapt the lighting of residence environments prioritizing the profile of the residents, where it is possible to consider the age and the habit of the same, for example. Obviously, what other concepts are also involved in this task, as the most suitable lighting depending on the purpose of the rooms of the residence according to LEDLIGHTSCLASSIFIED.
As an example, we cite a specific environment for reading and other to relaxation, cosiness. Are two different situations that require different lighting, as we see in the images below.

The color temperature is indicated in units called Kelvin and your value determines if the lamps produce light soft or light. In practice, called the color according to our psychological, i.e. call of hot color more yellowish, relating it to the heat of the Sun in the tropical zone, Cold and the bluer relating it to the cold of the ice from the poles of the Earth. However, physically, the hotter the color temperature in Kelvin, more bluish will be that color and how much colder, more yellowish. Below we have some examples of this difference, which serve as reference to the choice of lamps and LED luminaires:

  • Hot: typically 2700 Kelvin the 3500 Kelvin;
  • Neutral: typically the 4500 4000 Kelvin Kelvin;
  • Daylight: 5000 Kelvin typically the 5500 Kelvin;
  • Cold: typically over 6000 Kelvin.
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