Red Lipstick and Nail Polish at the Office

What up, what’s not? In professional life, little things decide what an impression it makes. Learn what it takes now to when styling and why some rules no longer apply,

What now matters in styling for the Office

Competent and likeable – so act on others, well made-up women American Harvard University scientists have found. And an experiment of the Bernese psychologist Sabine Sczesny revealed that women who wear a tart scent, appear trustworthy. What we learn from this? To make a good impression on the job, often has to do more with appearances than with what we, as present in a salary negotiation, or Conference, of arguments. US study an is published just shows that. When it comes to our effect on others, that what we say is just seven percent. Make-up, hairstyle and co. (55 percent) are much more important. It is accordingly important to act when styling. Unfortunately, however, are constantly changing the rules of what is considered serious occurrence and what not. Our beauty guide brings you up to date.

1 may an Office make up shine and shimmer?

May’s. Because a look has the power to wake up a tired face. This requires only a shimmering Highlighter and bright shades such as apricot, Rosé and vanilla. Give eyeshadow in Rosé or vanilla on the eyelids. Blot up liquid highlighter just above the cheekbones and elapse. Give a swab in the inner corner of the eye, which makes the eyes immediately awake. Rouge on the cheeks dust in apricot. To brush on nude gloss. To the soft glow makeup suits, put the hair in soft volume waves.

2. can a makeup radiate sovereignty?

Under certain circumstances. Because a very shiny skin can be strained or stressed out look. Remedy a matte texture, which prevents oily shine and long be liable in this case. New foundations contain gel formulas or micro-powder particles that absorb excess sebum like a sponge. First massage a moisturizer, because a matte Foundation over dry skin can look flaky. Then retighten the upper Lashline with brown eye liner, apply matte cream eyeshadow and matte lipstick in Rosé. Ambitious hair underline the power look.

3. How may red lips?

According to a British study, red lipstick strengthens self-confidence. Also job experts advise to wear red, if it is to give a lecture. Thus, the mouth in the focus is, the audience literally hang one on the lips. Look for a lecture suitable for the lips with red pencil coloring pages and insert the color with a brush in the wrinkles. Then apply lip colour, clean with a cloth and brush on a second layer. The remaining make-up remains simply as the hairstyle: a centre parting, the lengths slightly wavy or quite smooth.

4. should I hold me back at the eye makeup?

Actually, Yes. But also an eye makeup with black Kohl goes, if the eye shadow holding back accordingly. For example a dazzling tone in delicate lilac is subtle and yet impressive. First degrease the eyelids with makeup remover, otherwise the glitter particles in the wrinkles can slip. Distribute the color on the movable lid, then outline the eyes with black Kohl. Consistent with a transparent lip gloss.

5. are pop colors still taboo?

The classic Office rule “Less is more” appears outdated now for conservative industries. Today you can wear the so quiet color in the job. Only the correct order is important: start color with an extremely thin layer instead of dust much eyeshadow on the lid, and place then gradually more delicate veil. The result is transparent and absolutely job fit – even with pop tones such as purple or pink. Such “layering” works also with Foundation or lipstick.

6. can a perfume smell of success?

Yes! Fresh citrus fragrances such as grapefruit and bergamot promote the concentration and let much more dynamic work on your counterpart. And even more: social psychologist Sabine Sczesny, determined that women in job interviews are more successful if they have a masculine tart scent instead of a floral. The masculine touch subtly signal the call partner that he has to do it with a strong management and trusted person.

Pssst: Please make no mistake perfume.

7 must be always Rosé when the paint?

A Nail Polish in light grey and beige fits like a perfectly tailored business Blazer. In the United States, the nuance is one of the most popular Office paints. Thus you can make wrong nothing with us, after all, American women have perfected the business-chic. “The shade is clean, serious and much cooler than Rosé. Also he extended a short nail plate visually and makes a total leaner wider hands”, says Jan Arnold, one of the founders of CND Nail Polish company.

8. does it help to look well rested?

A subtle strategy for the Office: Just in time for the end of winter to look like it came straight out of the summer holidays. It seems equal to much more motivated. Our Tip: Against tired pallor, there now is a brand new “Sun out of the tube”. It is a day cream with airy light texture and toned pigments, virtually blending with the skin. You adjust the skin tone and give to the right degree of Browning. In the evening, the tinted cream is Abgeschminkt again.

9. What if it is longer in the evening?

If it should go directly from the Office to the bar or after the Conference, waiting for a client dinner, helps a hairstyle that can be transformed – the classic Office node in a cool after work look. It knead some volume foam in the terrycloth hair and blow it dry. Then turn the hair in a bun and secure it with clamp. This is important, and a rubber band leaves kinks in the hair. In the evening the Terminal pull and knead a few drops of shine oil in the hair. Small sections with your fingers in the form of plucking, ready. Attention, these hairstyles make you look older.

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