Recyclable Clocks

By: camillebrion

The Berlin label I like paper, in collaboration with illustrators and designers, designs accessories made of synthetic paper, which is not only very durable, but also recyclable.

Every year, as I felt, 50 per cent of all Berliners between 20 and 40, I wear a Casio in a good old retro style. I have long since been bored to death when I look at the clock, which I also see on all other wrists. Fact is, the time for my casio has expired so sad it sounds. I wonder, of course, which good piece the honorable succession will take. Of course, I am already hovering on one or the other model, but the hefty prices of my wish watches so far prevented me from striking.

In order to bridge the wait for the watch of my dreams, I could use the models of I like paper to pass the time. Finally, 15 euros for a watch do not hurt the purse. After I have clicked through the online shop of the Berlin label from front to back, I already have a whole slat of designs on the wish list. The franciscogardening: They are manufactured, like all other products by I like paper, from Tyvek. A synthetic paper that is tear and water resistant and can be recycled up to 5 times. To make the products of I like paper more durable, all products are sealed with a protective laminate that protects the color pigments of the robust all-purpose paper.

Meanwhile I like paper has a considerable assortment in the shop. The collection has grown from these watches with digital displays, to wallets, iPhone cases and caps, to necklaces, cushions and lampshades. In order to keep the designs varied and diverse, I like paper collaborates with a number of designers and illustrators who design the various products from the assortment in small series with their designs.

My absolute favorite: The designs of Aslan Malik, who for his superheroes series match the heads of American presidents on Dollars with the costumes of superheroes. How about Abraham Lincoln aka Flash Gordon on the wrist?

We have the most beautiful superhelden models here for you directly to shopping. The complete collections can be found at out site.

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