Recommendations for New Iphone Users

Tips and apps that make life easier…
Since many holidays have brought many new iPhone and iPod touch users, here is a “welcome” and a few tips and recommended apps for the iPhone and iPod touch users. The iPod touch. The order does not correspond to any special ranking, it is my personal sequence of apps that I use frequently. Dropbox: Dropbox for the iPhone I had already presented at this point. This is still the tool for me when it comes to data backup and data availability. By the way, I still have one or other invitation free . Here, instead of 2 GB of free storage space directly 2.3 GB of free space. I also get 0.3 GB of storage space for each recommendation.
Google for iPhone. An app that not only searches, but finds and directly links to the various webapps of Google has parat. Really highly recommended.

The Instant Messenger for the iPhone. Cheaper than SMS and directly from iPhone to iPhone including push notification. It’s free as a lite version or for 79 cents. After the first few news this pays off directly.

The Twitter app for the iPhone. For 2.39 euro one of the more expensive apps I present here, but really only recommendable. Free of charge there is eg Tweetdeck for the iPhone.

Buy and sell with the app. Faster and easier is not really.

ShopSavvy Compare
prices and scan barcodes. What more do you want?

The knowledge of the world just a fingertip far away.
English-German, German-English. If you are unsure again.

For all Facebook fans. Now new with push notifications and synchronization with the phonebook. Here “Facebook” is fun.
My radio-my music I want.

If the music song title is on the tongue again-but you want to know more-Shazam rushes to the rescue. There is also a paid Shazam Encore app-which I find but not worth the money.

info first hand, solidly researched.

Also an excellent message page, including push notifications.

The trend goes to the app, here is the news of Mashable in the App format. Clearly better than the website.

0180-telephone numbers
Behind each 0180er-call number is a fixed-line number, which is usually cheaper to reach by the mobile phone. Here you can look and save money.

Arbeiter Samariterbund
A recommended guide for the first aid, in the app quickly at hand. There are also the telephone numbers for the emergency call, the Giftzentrale and the fire department.

Where am I, where are my friends? Geolocations with Google Maps. Since Apple did not want the app as an app, there’s just Latitude as a webapp under

My city
all events in my town… uh city. Events, cinema, sights, pharmacies, railway stations, banks, bars and cafes, wellness, and much more. Everything up to date and GPS accurate.

Where am I parked again? GPS-accurate return from shopping to the car park, including a photo with a revival value.

From A to B with the Deutsche Bahn and good information around waiting and change.

From A to B-but with all available transport. GPS accuracy.

Actually no real Photoshop, but the functions are too rudimentary. But the fast image processing is quite possible and there are good results.

Where am I, where are my friends? After Foursquare moved not only on US terrain, the fun game around the geolocation will soon also stand out well in Germany.

Unfortunately only in the W-Lan for conversations to use, in the mobile network can only be schchtw werden. Nevertheless a quite useful application.

E-mails, calendars and contacts
If you have your emails, calendar data and contacts with Google, you can easily and easily synchronize with the iPhone-and thus only one address book needs to be maintained.And is the iPhone mal mal, so the data is not directly;-). Here is the guide.