Quick Makeup to Do Inside the Car

Makeup in traffic

The routine can be the worst enemy of woman. With the rush of daily life, many times we forget to moisturize the skin and the hair, the nails, go to the gym, wear makeup, anyway all that transforms the world of a vain woman. But the fact it’s not that we forget these beauty rituals, but rather, that we lack time.

With that in mind, we must try to put time on our side, isn’t it? So, we can use any idle time to do something that falls outside of the routine. How, for example, do a makeup on her way to work, in the car. The several kilometers with slow transit may allow this, but always very carefully, we don’t want to cause an accident.

To start, go doing the makeup bit by bit. Every stop you make one more stage of transformation. Always keep in your makeup bag basic products for any production-concealer, Foundation, facial powder, mascara, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick. It’s good to load more neutral shadows for the day, but also a stronger for the night, you never know. Do the same with the lipstick.

Start the makeup for skin, apply concealer and base, then the powder in the T to take the shine and a little blush to ensure healthy air. Choose a pale shade and apply it with your finger or with the brush that comes with the product. Then, finish the look with eye pencil (if you use all day), mascara and lipstick for the makeup that is already ready. You can spend a little above the Illuminator apples too, but nothing too shine for the day. Now you’re ready to work, and the best, in a few minutes.