Put Some Color In Your Ears With Headphones Coloud Pop!

Coloud, specialist of the audio Nomad, offers a range of helmets in shimmering colors. Within the range, both helmets to arch-ear models, is in the image of the Coloud Pop model that we are presenting today.

With its Pop model Coloud has not sought to compete with high-end to several hundred euros, as the niche of the mark would be rather fun to price gun and festive colors headphones. And Pop perfectly fits within this framework.Everyone will find the helmet that corresponds with the many proposed colours of Black at Pink through the Purple,Gray Pink, Blue, Black, Red or even Black Cyan. When the barrel price, difficult to make better since the Coloud Pop is proposed at a rate below the bar 20 euros. Suddenly, his low price allows you to buy several different colors: the fashion victims will be able to give their helmets to their look of the day without breaking the Bank!

The Coloud Pop is therefore -ear type and a cable flat tangle of 1.2 m in length. Very convenient, it is provided with a clever clip Zound Lasso that will facilitate its transport. The cable incorporates a remote control with features of navigation between the tracks and read /pause. A built-in microphone also allows the telephone communication.

It is equipped with an angled jack plug that will limit the risk of deterioration when the smartphone-or the Nomad player- located in a pocket. 32 ohms sensitivity actually headphones perfect for portable listening. It is also equipped with transducers of 9 mm and weighs only 16 small grams. In short, it has everything!