Program Vizinhança SolidÁRia-Monitoring Of Alarm And Collaborative Cameras

Or Núcleo de Estudos da violence da Universidade de São Paulo (USP) made um levantamento com or advertised na cidade de São Paulo homicides first quarter of 2015 e or that we see é um cenário bleak.

Program Vizinhança SolidÁRia-Monitoring Of Alarm And Collaborative Cameras

The city of São Paulo until early April 2015 1,130 registered killings, with 38 of 93 districts showing homicide rates above the city average in 2014–the equivalent to a 40% increase in the incidence of this crime.

The neighborhoods located in the central area of São Paulo are those with the lowest numbers, considering the deaths in relation to the population. In the Cathedral, for example, were committed homicide by 48.6 100,000 inhabitants last year, while the district Santa Efigênia has 38 rate deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Pari, with 28.3 murders.

If analyzed deaths in absolute figures the most critical situation is the Clean field, in the southern area of São Paulo. In this district, the index in relation to inhabitants (considerably less than those of the districts cited above) stood at 21.9, followed of Parelheiros, Herculaneum and Jacana.

These data highlight once again the lack of measures that both discussed politically in terms of public safety that are not applied and that contribute to the rising crime: absence of policies related to housing, lack of lighting, lack of local people’s dialogue with the Government and shortage of projects for implementation of infrastructure services in neighborhoods with high danger.

Program Vizinhança SolidÁRia-Monitoring Of Alarm And Collaborative Cameras 1

At this rate, the numbers that are already considered alarming, until the end of 2015 will hit records that just add to the biography of the city and to the tranquility of residents. It is in this context that the Digital Sekron offers its clients security programs, such as collaborative electronic Neighborhood, where homes or businesses on the same street or neighborhood integrate their alarm systems and cameras creating a secure environment and highly monitored, reducing the number of occurrences in the region and, consequently, contributing to the country achieving global average homicide 6.2 stipulated by the United Nations (UN) (today only 24 districts paulistanos are below the global average).

The program Neighborhood Solidarity consists of supportive monitoring cameras and alarm among the neighborhood – is a street, block or neighborhood. The program is feasible as long as there are two or more properties monitored, as below:

Each property program participant must install an independent alarm system, as well as cameras for monitoring of public roads in front of your property

All alarm kits include a remote control to be used as a panic button, besides the activation/deactivation of the system. In this way, it is possible to signal a dangerous situation at the time of opening the gates or the opening of your company, for example

Program Vizinhança SolidÁRia-Monitoring Of Alarm And Collaborative Cameras 2

All the cameras will be installed to program participants and public to the Central Monitoring Digital Sekron. For example: if 30 properties participate in the program, any of the 30 participants, as well as the Central Monitoring Sekron Digital, can have access to the images from the cameras installed via your smartphone, tablet or computer. It is still possible to distinguish public and private cameras in order to maintain the privacy of each participant

In case the alarm clock in one of the sites registered in the program, the procedures shall be as follows:

Email is sent to all (or people previously selected) participants of the program stating the place and time of the alarm clock, as well as sensors that detect the invasion

Sekron Digital Monitoring Center takes the pre-established procedures with the client: links to emergency contacts, view the cameras installed in the neighborhood, etc.

At the same time, the very neighborhood-aware of the alarm clock in one of the buildings near-can analyze the images from the cameras of the neighborhood through the Digital Mobile Sekron or by the client channel Digital Sekron, and signal if there is suspicion of a real situation of danger

Program Vizinhança SolidÁRia-Monitoring Of Alarm And Collaborative Cameras 3

If detected a real emergency situation, the Central Monitoring Sekron Digital triggers immediately the police

To learn more about the services offered by Digital and Sekron ideas for your electronic security system, please contact us and request a free security analysis.

Francisco Figueiredo, a journalist and Editor for the Sekron Type l

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