Pregnant Fashion Summer 2014

Forget the idea that pregnant women need to wear only loose clothing and that they can not keep up with the trends.Fashion, which is becoming more and more democratic, wants to be used by all, so it adapts to styles and situations, such as gestation.

Here at you will find some models of clothes for pregnant women to use in the summer. See how beautiful and modern the pieces are.

Clothes and trends for pregnant women to wear this summer

Black and white are two neutral colors that, when combined, make up a classic women’s wardrobe.Black is great for disguising the grease, and white brings the lightness and freshness of the season.

Embroidered or small detail gowns are very suitable for pregnant women.

Stripes are also high, and to lengthen the silhouette pregnant women can wear flowing, long or short dresses.

The graphics are in every window, and the lighter pants are great for pregnant women, who take the focus of the belly. Pants with side stripes help create a drier image.

The mix of prints is very current and pregnant women can use and abuse without fear. Vertical stripes and flowers create the impression of stretching. They are fun and cheerful to the measure, without childish elements.

Animal print has come with everything for some time, and pregnant women who like the print can and should continue to wear it. She has already entered the list of classics, and goes with everything: jeans, color, shorts, pants, bib. Choose what suits you best: small, large or colorful designs.

The Portuguese tile arrived with everything, bringing a cheerful and neat proposal for shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses and pants. Like the ethnic prints, it helps to disguise the extra pounds acquired during pregnancy.