Pregnant Can Use Cosmetics?

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During Pregnancy, The Woman Can Use Cosmetics, But Must Observe Only Those Of Whom Can Make Use, Some Have Ingredients That Are Bad For The Health Of The Baby.
pregnant can use cosméticosQuais creams for during pregnancy? When you’re pregnant, the care of the body and the skin should be doubled, after all, the body and hormonal changes that occur during this period are many, although they are few compared to other people. For this reason, the body tends to ask for more care, especially in relation to hydration.

First, it is crucial to moisturize from the inside out, so it is recommended to pregnant women to take plenty of water, as much as you can each day, because, after a few months of pregnancy, she can start to lose liquid due to the pressure exertedon baby your bladder, causing it to go to the bathroom more often.

Having in mind the need to be hydrated from the inside out, here comes the aesthetic care won with the help of beauty creams. However, there are some precautions that we quote that need to be taken with the use of some creams during pregnancy, for example:

Cosmetics should be avoided during pregnancy

Creams with hydroquinone, anti-age, lightening with Retinoic acid or glicóico above 10%, anti-cellulite, sunscreen chemicals, products with urea above 3%, creams with canfora, among others, should be avoided during pregnancy.

Cosmetics that can be used during pregnancy

What you need to have on hand to take care of, and well as physical sunscreen creams are, acid-free facial moisturizer, moisturizing body with Glycerin or almond oil, almond body oil, anti-stretch marks cream for pregnant women, perfume and deodorant without alcohol, all those things are great for anyone who wants to look good in pregnancy and calm so as not to harm the baby.

In case of body oil is a great option you start making use of them as soon as possible, because that way you won’t have to worry about streaks and things derived from pregnancy for lack of care. Taking the creams cited in the beginning, pregnant women not only can, as should make use of moisturizers throughout pregnancy, so enjoy!

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