Pregnant And Post Partum Lingerie–Expert Tip

Moms, today invited the Dani, a friend who is beyond mother, lingerieexpert, to give us some tips on what are the best models for pregnant women and also for the postpartum.

“Nothing makes me happier than being a mother. I’m a woman, I’m a wife, I’m a professional, I’m a friend, I am the daughter and mother. Nothing like buying a pregnancy test or open an envelope with the BIG NEWS!

We have two important stages for this process: Gestate and Birth. You need to make your lingerie shopping, thinking these 2 steps:

Gestation: we need comfort and solutions to all the changes that we have in our bodies.

Birth: phase of breastfeeding and postpartum.

When it comes to lingerie to the stage of gestation, the 2 key words are: comfort and adaptation.Therefore, parts must have:

Stretched waist for better fit thebelly that grows.

Breathable Microfiber fabrics (or cotton).Some doctors are in favour of using cotton, only.

Seamless tops for both the day and to sleep.

Rimless Bras with support to withstand the weight and breast change at this stage.

Pregnants long chemisette/Body topregnant woman, embraces the belly and let the looks more discreet productions. For the phase “Sunrise” the 2 key words are: Breastfeeding and postpartum. This is a phase of discovery and to put everything back in place (haha). The breastfeeding Bras are mandatory in the closet and can leave the look nothing cool, if we don’t use the correct template.

I personally fit much with the template, they are more moderninhos and leave the look more sporty.

An important tip: I had purchased 2 bras and breastfeeding in the first week that Luna was born, I had to buy 4 more!!! You use and then wash, don’t skimp on this product, you will need 4 of them, at least.Find the model that fits the more your body and style, try it, use it for a few days during gestation, and then buy some more pieces, and may vary the colors.

This underwear is also very good because it has a “post-partum effect”, also indicated for c-section, has higher waist and ideal adjustment recommended with anatomical modeling.

Some doctors are against the use of strap, so always consult your obstetrician before any investment.It is worth noting that the technology and product intelligence is very advanced in this segment. I particularly used because she gave me more security after c-section. I used for 4 months straight with approval from my doctor, of course.

Finally, there is the concern of being on maternity leave, to receive your expected baby, family and friends! To the hospital and also to stay home, I would advise the sweaters with buttons, are practices to breastfeed and there are many beautiful products and “without pajamas! in specialty stores.

Dani, thank you so much for these tips so valuable and important, I’m sure you will help manygravidinhas and newly Moms here!

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