Pregnancy: Tips to Refine the Silhouette

With the progress of the pregnancy, the belly begins to grow and the weight of the body increases. For this reason, many women have trouble finding clothes for this phase of your life, but also to adapt the wardrobe to their new forms. One of the biggest mistakes is to use clothes too wide and very large sizes because they increase the volume of the body.

But did you know there are style tips to elongate your silhouette visually and make it thinner and stylish? It’s true, meet simple tricks and easy to follow to live pregnancy with much style and confidence.

  1. Try a monochromatic look and dress-envelope

A good way to stretch the body is to use a monochromatic (one colour). Knit dresses with v-neck also help to fine tune the neck and the silhouette, because the cross line disguises your tummy and draws attention to the neckline. But beware, if you have a lot of chest must use a top thin underneath. The models of high waist with a belt or band below the chest, will highlight the thinnest part of the body, so it is an excellent choice. Prefer a skirt in evasé if you have the wider hip, or a slinky dress if it’s thinner, a comfortable fabric that suits body. So, will highlight your belly with great pride and, at the same time, feel sexy!

Another tip is to use style shoes in shades of nude (skin color) not to cut the line and make it look like these are longer.

  1. Use the tone on tone

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is a fan of soothing colors and tone on tone, forming a vertical line in the center of the body, which helps to refine the silhouette. You can opt for a blazer (especially in the early stages of pregnancy) or for a coat to .75, accompanying the dress length, covering the area of the hip.

  1. create vertical lines

To cover the corners and stretch the body, try a dress in a neutral tone, smooth and darker, with a Cardigan or farm the .75, a lighter color or printed. The famous fashion editor Miroslava Duma (pictured) is a supporter of this visual. Upon leaving the coat open will create a vertical line, giving the feeling of having a slimmer silhouette. Another trick is to use a scarf or muffler vertically, which helps disguise the belly.

  1. Use fair parts with capes and ponchos

As the final stage of pregnancy, their coats tend to be tight and arrest their movements, a good option is to resort to ponchos and capes, because they are more practical and comfortable. Use and abuse of patterns to make your look more interesting and divert attention from the body. Conjugate with fairer parts underneath, as in the case of knitted dresses or leggins.