Polar V800 Watch Review

The Polar V800 fully customizable multi sport has a perceptible quality, from materials to design and function. Eighty grams of weight, is an innovative product for a number of features that have made him the object of desire of many athletes, professional and amateur. It was founded for the triathlon. But you can be used for many sports: there are about fifty profiles downloaded from your computer and more than twenty those already stored on the device. The watch is fully customizable, the sport profiles and values to be detected during the activities. Has a tap function on the screen (at any time with one finger gives you a blow on the screen will show the recovery state from recovery mode) and during training (choosing from the settings) with a touch screen makes you view the lap, change the type of profile, turn on the backlight). The height of the Polar philosophy is a work in progress product, which changes over time, with new functions and features, along with software updates: recently has been activated the function that allows you to receive notifications of calls, text messages and social messages like a smartwatch.
In addition to the functions we are used to – it’s a heart rate monitor with integrated GPS – is also an activity tracker, it contains all the features of wrist bracelets. It allows to detect heart rates in water: the band for the recording of beats you can wear under a wetsuit but it works in direct contact with the water, in the pool or in the sea. The V800 comes then integrated barometric altimeter, perfect for bikers, trail runners and mountain climbers. When you select a profile with certain sports V800 not only displays all the data more useful to measure the performance in that sport, but it recalculates every time, the workload and the fly time, the phase of optimal recovery, compared to that particular discipline according to jibin123.

It has a display with high visibility, allows a clear reading of the data even in very low light conditions.

In short, a multisport computer for those who do sports as a profession (even allows you to read real-time data with other athletes who train in groups through tablet) and for those who train like a pro. Polar V800 costs 399 € and 449 € with the heart rate sensor. Materials: 10 Comfort: 10 Functions: 10Design: 10 Price / quality: 9

It’s a perfect multisport wrist computer for outdoor and mountaineering enthusiasts. Full of features, with an emphasis on those related precisely to the peaks and exploration, (3D tilt-compensated compass, barometric altimeter that works in tandem with GPS for weather forecasting), the Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire is the flagship product of the Finnish home. Beautiful to wear with its steel case (92 grams) is perfect for those who face the endurance races, the most extreme, it works even in the cold of -20 Celsius up to 60 degrees in the desert. The altimeter is very precise because it works with GPS combined to atmospheric pressure.
For the rest it has the characteristics of multi-sports watches with route recording via GPS, navigating the route set with the return journey average speed, maximum and minimum, distance, temperature, and heart rate monitor Bluetooth measuring the heartbeats in real time (even works alone with a built-in memory), the length of stride during walking or running, and the estimated arrival time. The bike in addition to measuring the slope of the climbs detects the power of pedaling. In swimming measures the average pace and distance traveled, the time per revolution, the number of strokes and heart rate even in water.
It can receive calls and SMS notifications (if you want to receive them in the high mountains) and is fully customizable through the dedicated App on your smartphone, with targeted training and recovery times. The Suunto Ambit 3 Peak Sapphire enables orientation even in the most extreme conditions of time and visibility with the precise compass 3D. The only drawback of this watch-computer chock full of features is perhaps its usability which is a bit complicated than competing products, at least on the first test until there is no hand. Suunto has just presented Ambit3 Run version, a cheaper multi sport Peak Sapphire offering excellent value for money and most of the functions of this product that is still the flagship of the Finnish home.
Recommended for extreme sports with a passion of touring and exploration. Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire Coast 549 € and 599 € with a heart rate monitor. Materials: 10 Comfort: 9 Functions: 10 Design: 10 Price / quality: 9