PokÉMon Pearl Version with Tips and Tricks!

Pokémon Pearl Version is a Pokémon series game for the Nintendo DS console, released along with the Pokémon Diamond Version. The games, together, added to the series 107 Pokémon, totaling 493 creatures throughout the series. With a new continent based on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, the game takes place in the Sinnoh region. Being Nintendo’s third-best selling game, the game underwent monstrous changes to improve the series. Which seems to have worked. Instead of seeing the game over, you now have an oblique view, close to the ground, and the graphics mix two-dimensionality (2D) with three-dimensionality (3D). And to get a lot more fun, we’ll give you some tips and tricks that will help your journey! Good game!

Get the stars and change the color of your Trainer Card.To keep up with the stars, beat Elite Four, win all Master Rank Contests contests, complete the Underground Flag, capture 482 Pokémon, and finally win battles in sequence in the Battle Tower.So with each star you win, you will receive a new color pro card according to cachedjewelry. You will start with the red Trainer Card, and once you gain one star at a time, you will change to blue, bronze, silver, gold, and finally black, which consists of a total of five stars.

Defeating Elite Four, you must complete the Shinnoh Pokedex.So you can get to the National Dex, and unlock Pal Park on Route 221.

For eggs of your own to hit faster, have Magma Armor or Flamy Body Pokémon in your party.This will make the time the egg takes to crash skin drop half!!!

Enjoyed it?Have more!Tips for capturing legendary Pokémon:

  • Darkrai:Join a Nintendo event and win the Member Pass, which will give you access to New Moon Island, where you can capture Darkrai!
  • Shaymin: Attend a Nintendo event to win Oak’s Letter.Then you will go to a route where Professor Carvalho will ask you to baptize a rock.Soon everything will be bloomed (because Shaymin can do this), and Shaymin will appear to try to escape, but if he follows, he will be able to capture it.
  • Arceus:Also participating in a Nintendo event, win the Blue Flute, and go to Spear Pillar.On top of the stone, play the flute, and a ladder will pop up giving access to the Hall Of Origin, where you have the chance to capture the Arceus.
  • Drifloon:This Pokémon is found in Valley Windworks.Every Friday he will wait for you at the laboratory door!