Plus Size Fashion for Autumn/Winter

Currently the chubby women conquered your space in fashion with a lot of style and personality, ending once and for all the myth that being beautiful is synonymous with being thin.

Because of this, the big brands have invested enough in fashion for Dummies up 44, launching a wide variety of parts in Plus Size model. Update to use modern and unique pieces, which you will be beautiful and wonderful, regardless of your weight.

Tips on how to use


The dark shades come with everything in this fall/winter: shades of gray, Brown, black, dark green and dark blue are in highlight, as well as bright materials, rent and Metallized fabrics, you can find them from Fashionxenia.

Legs and Hips

Many overweight women usually have perfect legs, so rather than hide them, look for show betting on skirts and dresses evasê, which are usually quite light and loose, preventing the hips stay tagged and win an unwanted spotlight.

Arms and Neck

Shirts with sleeves disguise the extra pounds, but they do not necessarily have to be long to have this effect. Preferably the most soltinhas that don’t grab the skin and even bands jerking, so you will be free to move around without any hassle. Choose the midriffs because they lengthen the silhouette, valuing the breasts and calling attention to the neck.

Blouses and Pants

Look for wear that mark the waist and are more soltinhas at the bottom-they will hide the love handles and assure curves. As for the trousers, is a good choice of models straight cut and dark tones because they give the impression of more elongated legs. The use of high heels favors in time to create a slimmer silhouette, dabbing your measurements.

The most important thing is to always bear in mind that you don’t have to leave to dress according to your preferences: highlighting your best features, taking care not to cheapen your body with pieces that don’t fit. These tips will make all the difference in the time to compose a suitable and modern.