Plus Size Fashion Fall/Winter 2016

Hello, ladies! Okay with you?

Before we talk of Plus Size fashion fall/winter 2016, I would like to clarify that it is not always the pieces that illustrate the posts are for sale. As I research a lot about plus size fashion, I find inspiration in blogging, virtual stores, factories, on Facebook, etc. So, let’s say, every time I show a part that is for sale, I put beneath the photo and the link of the store, to make life easier for those who want to acquire it. If there is no link, it’s because the play is not for sale. We’re combined?

Now, Yes! Plus Size fashion fall/winter 2016! It took me a while to think about this post. I wanted to make it easy. Change of season, trends, a new context, anyway, the fashion reinventing themselves, bringing new things and changing things. Wanted to take some time to look, listen, read, to understand what the fashion world, and especially the Plus Size fashion brings this winter.

Until now, I had two certainties: the first is that there is nothing very new, nothing that we do not know, but they come with different names. No problem at all. Technology and human creativity gave us enough option.

The second is that the chance of finding the clothing segment called fashion, fashionable Plus Size increased. The amount of looks that we fatties, we can experience, today, does not compare to the reality of not too long ago, when the term “Plus Size fashion”. The clothes were all in a same pattern, that thing in a cast and repetitive.

I can only conclude that this is great for all of us! Girls, you can make everything, I mean everything! We were beautiful with any outfit! Just looking at

Jeans in Plus Size fashion 2016

I attended Fashion Wekeend Plus Size (FWPS) 2015, which happened in March, in São Paulo, to know what’s coming. Brands working with chubby clothing presented their concepts, trends, proposals and made clear that the Plus Size fashion market wants to break the limits for the models that the fatties can use. For example, is consensus, even among us, that fatties don’t fit of jeans. Check it out, you actually believe that jeans do not works?

Of course we were pretty wearing a jeans, Oh. Is a material that looks good with everything, we can set up various looks, ranging from basic, are stripped and the fashion.

We can use the Jeans in many occasions, in various environments and in all seasons. However, now, in 2015, the jeans are super trend. Therefore, let us not shirk to be beautiful to him. Don’t limit myself to jeans, we should use, dress, jeans, sweater monkeys, jacket, short, anyway, all the Plus Size fashion market offers.

Oh! Please, nothing to say that “these are not plus size models, I seen bigger than that!”. Choosing the right jeans, with a good fit, comfortable, preferably in a specialized store, to work with us to promote molds, it’s going to be beautiful, too! You bet!

Plus Size fashion from Marisa

A big surprise for me was to see the parade of Marisa, one of the largest retail chains in the country, in 2015, FWPS showing models of clothes to young fatties, with style, creativity, identity and cool in the fashion market.Marisa works with large sizes for a long time and, last year, launched a collection directed to plus size women young, called “special for you. Guys, it’s great to see a big retailer to invest in Plus Size fashion.

Congratulations Marisa! Wish very good deals on Plus Size fashion segment.

70 years on Plus Size fashion 2016

Girls, 70 years are another strong trend this year, not only for plus size clothing. Clothing, including Pants Flare (the one with the mouth of Bell), glasses, handbags, shoes, anyway, every type of accessory that refer to that moment daring and creative that left marks everywhere. Is the Vintage fashion, Folk (see, I didn’t say that would arise new names in English?) appearing in the Windows with strength, so let’s seize the moment and use what works.

Notice that, in this last picture, the model appears wearing a beautiful boot, perfect for the autumn/winter season. This year, the boots also appear strong, to be used in a variety of looks: with dresses, pants, shorts and skirts. Are boots of various styles, from the longest to the shortest. Someone said to put them well in boots?

Long skirts in Plus Size fashion

Observed the two long skirts in the pictures above? I love long skirts. Are perfect for this time of year. With them, we are always elegant, beautiful and tuned in sets. We don’t have to fear to use them. He was seen with was one long skirt with boots?

Pants pantaloons in Plus Size fashion

The pantaloons are also pieces that I love wearing these stations. Even for a work environment a pants suits.

Trendy Plus Size jumpsuit

In the summer the plus size monkey rocked, now we can bet on plus size jumpsuits, because, of course, it will be used a lot in this period. Is another piece that I don’t let Miss in my wardrobe.

Plus Size fashion with lace and transparencies

Rents and transparencies are still on the rise. So, keep investing in them.

Pantyhose in Plus Size fashion

This winter, we must be mindful, also, the looks that we can work with the pantyhose. The pantyhose, in addition to being able to give a special touch in visual, it helps to protect us from the cold. As well as the boots, we can use the pantyhose with everything: dress, shorts, skirt, etc. And, also, in various environments, including at work. It’s just a suggestion, okay, girls? When I see that look handsome with a pantyhose, don’t dismiss! The pantyhose still helps disguise imperfections.

Plus Size fashion pants leggy

Let’s talk about our eternal companion, stick-to-all-work, leggy pants. I love pants leggy! Make several combinations super comfortable and practical. We have leggys for all tastes. Give prominence to a model in which the material looks like leather, thin, which is cute, sexy and really helps to hide the chubbiness of the legs. But we need to wear pants that give us really leggy and that don’t leave us purple. Already there are pants that go up to size 60 and some very tall models that help to cinturar. It’s a look of winter.

See, girls? We have a wide variety of looks at our disposal for this season that is starting. We don’t need to be alone in those models of dresses that hid squares we embellished. We don’t need to hide because we’re beautiful.

Plus Size fashion season autumn/winter 2015 is only beginning, and about her, we still have a lot to talk about. In this post, I tried to pass a broader vision and shallow than I think comes around. We will talk much of the season in which, without a doubt, we were much more beautiful and elegant.