Plus Size Dress Piquet Three Seven

Us fatties like to go unnoticed? None of this! We want to draw attention, be noticed, beautiful and elegant parade. With this plus size dress of Three Seven we will kick ass!

Hello, ladies! All right?

The Three Seven is launching its 2016 Summer collection and, I confess, I was in love with what I saw.

This dress is just wonderful! It is made in piquet, light material, comfortable and with a super soft touch, full of style and elegance.

Of course, I bought one for myself, in fact, everything I put on sale at the store I try before and I’m afraid this dress to go all alone to my job, not shot more of the body. lol

The floral print is very feminine and expresses joy and vibrancy of the summer. She appears mixed with a stamp with geometrical figures on top of the piece, which gives lots of charm to the dress. This mixture of prints was very cool!

I’m using my braless, because there is a double visor on part of the bust. But you can choose on, okay?

The trim slightly Flared of this plus size dress gives a balance to our silhouette. He has a good length and can be used in the workplace. With him, I abuse the heels and accessories.

Cool down a bit, add a recess calling him Jacques strap, a sport coat or a cardigan. Oh! If you think you’re going to be prettier and won’t miss comfort, a strap. You’re going to be tres chic!

I’m here, watching and selecting the best pieces from the world of plus size fashion for people. This is a moment where the brands are exchanging their collections and this is the time to keep an eye on the trends the next few seasons. And I promise that the chubby here will bring the best plus size clothing for you. Until next time!