Pentium G4520 or AMD FX 6300: See Which CPU is Best for You

Learn all about AMD Ryzen, processor that can compete with Intel

Pentium G4520 or AMD FX 6300: See Which CPU is Best for You

At first, it may seem odd to compare them, but both are being sold in Brazil at similar prices in the range of R $300 and offer similar performance for a lot of applications and situations. See, below, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these processors.

Specifications:AMD FX 6300

In numbers, the AMD processor looks better. For starters, the FX 6300 has six cores against only two Pentium. In terms of speed, these six cores can reach 3.9 GHz to 3.6 GHz from the Intel processor.

Another advantage of AMD’s CPU is in the fact that it allows overclocking, giving the user the prospect of achieving much higher speeds with this unit.

Performance:Pentium g4250

Despite having one-third of the cores, the Pentium G4520 delivers better performance than the AMD processor in a lot of the scenarios. Best in activities that use only one core, this processor should yield more to the vast majority of users’ common applications and actions. Additionally, the Pentium has embedded video card, which means it can be used on low-cost computers without dedicated board

Pentium G4520 or AMD FX 6300 See Which CPU is Best for You 1

The AMD processor compensates for a bit of these fouls on account of the various nuclei. In applications and games that take advantage of a large amount of nuclei, the hexa-core of AMD must offer a somewhat superior performance. However, it will be mandatory to invest in a video card.

Consumption:Pentium g4520

The values of TDP, which is an indicative of the amount of energy that the processor wastes in the form of heat, are quite definitive: the FX 6300 can dissipate 95 watts of energy. On the other side, the Pentium G4520 has more controlled appetite with 51 watt TDP.


Both processors can be found at very competitive prices at the moment. AMD’s FX 6300 is being sold in Brazil for values in the house of R $350, while the Pentium can be found to r $390.

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Pentium G4520 or AMD FX 6300 See Which CPU is Best for You 2

Cost-benefit:Pentium g4520

Despite the good-looking prices, Intel’s processor is a better cost-benefit proposition. Not only does it have better performance and consumption than the competitor, as operates on a newer platform. In addition, the Pentium G4520 has embedded video card, eliminating the potential expense with a newer video card.

AMD’s CPU, although it allows overclocks, requires investment in video card. But perhaps the big problem of FX 6300 is the fact that it belongs to a retirement platform:the arrival of the new Ryzen will make the FX and its motherboards completely obsolete.

The first FX were launched at 2011 and that age already begins to manifest on these processors, which do not support newer technologies.


Pentium G4520 or AMD FX 6300 See Which CPU is Best for You 3

Fairly equivalent, Pentium G4250 and FX 6300 are good processors for those who consider assembling a lower-priced computer. But, although these two CPUs are comparable in terms of performance and cost, there are clear advantages for Intel’s product.

Benchmarks show the penitum as faster in general. Moreover, the possibility of using it without a video card and the lowest electrical consumption make it a much more versatile processor than AMD. The big trump card of FX 6300 is in the possibility of overclocking.

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